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Tiles on specific location themes are what im looking for the most at the moment and i really like your style :P 

do you plan on making tiles from other places around the world? Rome/Japan/Tibet/Egypt/Morocco/Americas etc modern and historical?

this include effekseer animations for mz?

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are you able to remake your old mv animations for MZ

more importantly, can you make plant attack animations of trees and vines and stuff like that?

what do i do with the Good view.view file? I cant seem to play it in my game.

is your video down for long?

I enjoy how it can go on for a long time, i think its a  very fun game!

I liked the game, best in the jam ive played!

I found it too difficult to work through but i like unity :/

If you walk up to the water bowls and the basket in the horse barn and hen house that will feed them, sorry i didnt make that clear in game.

Thank you, I know I have much to work on with my grammar and overall spelling in game. The criteria really helped me narrow down a specific task. I wish I had 1 or 2 more days to clean up the battle and spelling though.

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I updated it yesterday, I do not know if that happened from the new update or not. I hope the game was playable. :) I'll go through the update asap and find out whats wrong.

Can I share my project with a freelancer so he can work on parts with this asset?

Can I share my project with a freelancer so he can work on parts with this asset?

The Title Says It All, Sorry This Is My First Question On This Stuff, The Portraits Look Great!!!

please do, I will buy this asap if my computer illiterate butt can learn how to do this :) , awesome btw