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Beautful art and music. I wish it was a bit longer and maybe an extra skill or 2  but other than that you can defintely see the effort that the developer has made to stay on topic witht the jam

Such a great thing to read! We definitely do not want to see Our Childhood dreams get ruined by Negativity. Thank you for all you do.

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This is Truly what True retro jrpg players need in their lives. Well done mechanics, Balance battles, beautiful maps with lots of Optional Exploration for the player, a beautiful achievement system and Most of all Excellent Voice Acting Scenes. This game also can compete with the AAA titles out there!

Not a bad game! I apporve!

Live is pending

Hey dude!!! Thanks for the reply!!! ALL IN FUN when we critique these games...we never want to discourage no one from creating games. Most devs in the chat have been working with the engine for a long time and even though, they themselves go through harsh criticism from other lets Players...Your game has a great plot, I really like the plot of the story. It just needs a little bit more polishing. Make sure you have the proper version uploaded for the demo because its Your First Impressions....As always, you are welcome to join as we critique other peoples games and ill def give the other version a go

bout to see whats this is about

goin live

Im going to do a Live Lp of this game when i heal...went to the dentist lol

Finna go live

going live 

going live

Really cool, art and opening music. From start to finish I was hooked by the intensity of the story between Predators and Herbivores. I love the way the developer has maintained the nature of the Animal Instincts while in Human form. this also gave me chilly vibes because it represented how animals truly feel when they are prey. and how they come together to avoid being captured. Excellent dialogue and the suspense moments were on cue. Not a bad game and definitely one of the promising visual novel titles out there.

a hard worker indeed

Going Live

Seeing is believing, you wont be disappointed

going LIVE!!!!

going live in a bit

going live with ya game.

Good to see this game getting some TLC!! Keep up the good work

love the battlers!

going live with ya game

In addition to my playthrough of this demo, This Game (Commercial) project, is a prime example of what we need in rpgs maker projects. The main attraction to this game is the Characters. Each character has their own unique personality with in the story and the developer has done an excellent job writing them. The Battles were fun and quick, but was a joy to see the custom animations and the customization in the sprites when the suffer either a casualty or heavy damage. Beautiful maps and Some music were a joy. There were also points where some dialogue felt like filler and didnt really fit in to the story but given the nature of the game, its really Cute!!!! You guys and girls will definitely enjoy this one!

We about to go live and show some love

going live!

Awesome dude!!! I cant wait to see whats new

bout to go live with it

going live!!

we in there!!!

will be going live with ya game @12pm est

Im on it!!

Going Live

going live with ya game

going live with ya game

going live with ya game!!!!

Hope to see u there if u can make it
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Going live with ya game!

going live with ya game