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all thoughts inside video

we are going live, all details inside vid!

we are live!! all thoughts inside the vid, enjoy

k I will restream it weds

I will be playing more of SR today!! stay tuned

we are live, all thoughts about game inside video

We are live all thoughts inside vid!!!!

no problem dude!!!! If u like u can subbed to the channel and look at future games that you may get some ideas and definitely help critique the next game....have a Bless one!!

I love it!!!!

We are live with your game...all thoughts inside vid

U know I gotta get this.. right???

We are going live!!! All thoughts and comments inside the video...enjoy

I loving this!!

These look amazing!!

We are going live!!! All thoughts inside the vid! enjoy

I love new Updates ❤🧡💙 gonna do a restream of the game 

This game is BEAUTIFULLY made and highly interactive! The story is well written and the characters dialogue are cleverly written as well.  Love the mapping and the battle system. Definitely a game that should be going towards the commercial route. Great job and 2 thumbs up!!! highly recommend this title

Welp...gonna explore that area again lol

we are back!

We are going live with your game! all thoughts about the game inside the video  :-)

Going live all thoughts and comments Inside!!!

After Playing part of the Demo of Untold Story. I would have to say that this game caters to several different fans of the RPG genre. 

☆First of All..Great story and well written characters. If you are a gamer who loves a well written and tight story with great dialogue then this game is definitely for you. Great moments of climax situation between the protagonists and the antagonists. The developer has done a great job on creating a solid ladder of events with in the story. Just like a lot of Retro rpgs of the past the dialogue is definitely one of the Strong point in this title.

☆☆ We are introduced with a first person battle system. Which isn't a bad flare for this type of game. Great choice of enemies sprites and the combat well balanced. The player is introduced to the actors with several skills already learned and each skill is a great match for the battles. There's also a strategic side where certain attacks has its advantages and disadvantages and careful planning is needed for some battles. but not most. But overall for a First View battle system it's Satisfying and appropriate for this Title.

☆☆☆ I RECOMMEND this rpg for those who love a SOLID story and Love an Elemental Based combat system. It's ideally a great starter rpg for new players who are just breaking through into the Rpg scene!

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Definitely on the look out for this one! Looks amazing and  has that Hybrid feel of Retro + Today standards. BEAUTIFUL maps and a SOLID story!

We are back with pt 2
Ralph's Myth community · Created a new topic we r live

we r live

We are live, all comments and thoughts inside the vid. 

Check out the live, all comments and thoughts on game inside the vid!

I've truly enjoyed this game. U definitely have a great I.P going on here!!! keep up the great work

We are live!

Well Done!

We are Live!

Yessssssssss, That Aura color update looks soooo cool!!! I love it!!!

Hey my Guy, lol....I didn't go live with this one, but the effect is still the same....A great game!!! awesome mechanics. Love the Puzzles and The Battle Whole ENVIRONMENT. I just wish Gion had more Fire Based attacks. Since Fire Characters are more aggressive in combat lol...but overall wonderfull story and I love how u set it up for a sequel :-)


We are live

Awesome and excited for the New Update.

We live with it!!!!
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We going Live!!! All thoughts on game will be included in Video

We are live!

A Whole lot better!!!!