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highly enjoyable!!! i love the suspense of whats about to happen next with the characters involved and whats exactly on adellums mind. heres my experience with the game!

this deserves a higher rating of course

Gave it a go!, i like it!!! I love the ideas and where u r coming from in this game. like all protypes, i expected bugs and imperfections, I love the world interactions with York and the comedy overall. here you can view my playthrough for yourself. Commentary didnt record good because i forgot to turn main game volume down..but at the end of the video i left a clear commentary. Overall Excellent work.

Thank you for the fix!!! highly enjoyable.

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Yesssss, thank you for the fix, I love it man, really fun and i cant wait for more content of this game!

Loving the game, we just need the snake boss worked out. everything else is fun and intriguing

Gave this game a whirl, and i am impressed with the designs and the graphics. I love the skills the character Eir, i had little frame rate drops, which only occured when the saw blades and a action skill is used, other than that its hardly noticable if any.. Main gripe is the snake boss...i did everything in my power to beat him...surely this boss is bugged out. I enjoy the game and would love to play more. Here is my playthrough of it if you are interested in viewing.

I need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

that happened to me as well firespike33

Finished!!! canyon stage, i thought i was gonna die literally lol, but its a breeze when you jump at the edge, its all about the stage select music is dope!!

I love it, I love the style of this game and the mega man like elements. check out my review here

I love it! check out my impressions video here:

this games offers so much, i love the combat, beautiful maps and the learning system for spells is unique