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Community Progress Megathread

A topic by Cold Sweat Games created Jan 30, 2019 Views: 116 Replies: 15
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Why not post your progress here (separate from DevLogs)?

I'll start 

Working on my detective's coat!  Hoping to add basic cloth physics to the lower half to react to his legs, the environment, and the wind!


I have a fairly modest goal: a Twine story about 50 passages long. I've written 13 passages and 4000 words so far, so I expect the whole thing to come in over 10K words.

I have to be completely honest, each time I sit down to write my story beyond the first day, it's been difficult getting "into" that flow @_@  I admire your passion to write that much!

Nice! I'm not sure how long mine's going to be. I spent too long plotting the story. And I don't even have an ending yet! 


Suddenly decided on mini chapters. So here are some screenshots of the start. Not final. But I like the idea so I'm running with it




(1 edit)

Brand new development:Cloth physics on the coat


I'm making slow progress. I've finished 17 Twine passages out of 49, with 5100 words written. So, a third of the way through, maybe?


I've had to make some radical pivots to my games design, and I'm pretty sure all I'm going to be able to get accomplished is a short demo unfortunately :(  Something wasn't feeling quite right and it took me a while to figure out exactly what it was, and i'm currently addressing it. 



I've finished 26 of my 50 Twine passages now, with 7700 words written. Looks like I might be writing right up until the last minute. Fortunately I don't have any complicated logic planned, so testing should be straightforward.


I kind of like decided not to publish my game for the jam but i never really do anything to post online either. So.... I'm an anomaly.  Nice stuff here though. 

added a big ol' overdue DevLog discussing the progress:


37 of 50 Twine passages complete, and close to 10K words written. Starting to look good for finishing on time.


12K words written, five Twine passages remaining to write. I may actually have the story complete in time to proofread and test it.


I've finished writing. 50 Twine passages, 14K words. Since I'm planning to jump into another game jam in March, I'm going to comply with the original deadline. I'll spend a little time testing and proofreading and I'll publish it on Saturday.


I've finished my entry: A Bottle of Memory.