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What is good place to start GODOT 3.0?

A topic by paruthidotexe created Jun 12, 2018 Views: 555 Replies: 4
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Planing to learn GODOT 3.0 for this game jam

Can some one share good tutorials/ videos/ links to start learning..


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Work through all these:

Also on the left, below the getting started section, there are a ton of tutorials on various specific topics.

Then there are some good youtube channels for additional knowledge:

  1. GDquest
  2. KidsCanCode
  3. GameFromScratch
  4. HeartBeast
  5. Godot engine channel
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Thanks for the share @tinmanjuggernaut ! I went ahead and fixed the links in your post as itch grouped them in one URL.

I highly recommend starting with the docs (first link above), the official demos and the gdquest godot demos as they're designed for learning.

Both Chris (KidsCanCode) and I (GDquest) worked on the official docs, along with many other industry professionals. They're getting more and more polished over time. The getting started series alone should keep you busy until the jam starts :)

@tinmanjuggernaut @gdquest 

wow nice links.. started learning.. thank you friends for this quick help.. 


Definitely go thru the getting started series and the step by step thing. Took me around 10 hours to go thru the docs and afterward a roughly 4h to make my first game.