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Help little Wormy escape the mad scientist's lab
Submitted by Phildjii (@MalveseGames)
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Game Description
Help little wormy escape a mad scientist's lab in this puzzle platformer! Can you guide him through the 6 levels?

Left/Right arrows to move, up/space to jump.
Hint: once you have legs, you can't go through tiles with a low ceiling.

Note: If you tried the game up to 4 hours after the deadline, you may have skipped levels because of a nasty bug. It is now fixed and all 6 levels can be played.

Godot version

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Nice game, pretty hard, that is pretty complete. I needed a few tries for most levels. After i understood what to do, the fast movement made it hard to execute it properly. So i blame the controls for some of the fails!

It was intense seeing you rush to the finish line on discord, and for levels that were done so quickly, they played out very well. Nice submission!


Haha you are totally right, I didn't have time to fine tune the controls and physics so they are a bit iffy. It is sometimes hard to reach a ledge or avoid taking a power-up. Thank you for playing the game in spite of this!

The rush was mainly for the implementation part, as I'm new to Godot (and game dev really). I took a lot of time sketching ideas and levels at the beginning of the jam, so the levels were all ready to draw with tilemaps on the last day.


Oh now that explains how there is so much thought put into the level design. Thank you for clearing, i was puzzled :D

Since you are new to Godot and gamedev, let me tell you that you really display talent and dedication with this piece. I encourage you to keep going and i'm curious about your next projects!


Finally! The answer to the eternal question: "what if evolution was replaced with a suture kit and a 'finders keepers' policy?".

What really makes this one is the fact that each upgrade makes certain coins in each level unattainable; you have to plan your route so that you don't lock yourself in an unwinnable state.

Like Mr. Wormy himself after an encounter with a lawnmower, though, it is all too short: there is fertile ground here for more levels. I'd love to see you expand on the concept.


Really like the artstyle! The concept is really interesting and I would have loved if it was expanded upon just a bit more. Could turn out really good with just a little bit more work!!

There are some issues reported in the terminal window, and sadly I could not get past level 2 because of this.

It appears that the game is having trouble loading the next level. 

Some minor flaws, the power-ups need more weight behind them, you barely notice picking them up. I think this could be a great game though!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Dammit! Sometimes the function that loads the next level is triggered multiple times. It usually works for me, I went through all the levels multiple times and thought I had fixed that bug… Sorry! Perhaps you can try again? After all the first 2 levels are very short.


I went back and replayed it and lo' and behold, I made it to level 4. Sadly the same error occurred here as well. But I have a much better feeling for the game now that I got to play more of it :)