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Experience the harsh natural life of a tiktaalik in this brief side-scrolling adventure!
Submitted by AGamerAaron (@agameraaron) — 2 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Experience the dangerous life of the tiktaalik, a notable being in that it's amoung the very first legged animals to exist on Earth and our first descendant to move itself up on land.

Instructions are included in-game after pressing 'start' or 'enter'.

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A very hard game, but the very cute graphics motivate to get through it. Especially the fish were made with much love, I could tell. I read your post about its history. Very nice that this game has finally come to this state. But in the spirit of evolution, this might not be the last iteration?


Glad you liked it. Thank Bojidar for all the lovely art work!

Regarding doing this once more, we'll see depending if I ever run into another evolution themed jam. It was a fun coincidence & it could happen again.


Ooh this is cute, but the jumping spiders in narrow paths made me yell at my screen :) It *is* unforgiving, and I think having a bit more realistic physics (like increasing fall speed) would help. Although simple, the graphics manage to bring an atmosphere to the game.


The arachnids are very good at their job, but once you have them down, they are cake. It is why I included the first arachnid which does not move forward, so you can observe how to get past at your leisure.

Great physics suggestion, thank you. I'm sure with some tweaks it could be a lot more tolerable & I can focus on making funner & longer stages. Even if there is still only plans to have 2 of them total.


The art on the title card was great, would have loved to see the rest of the game in a similar style.

Music! This would have benefited hugely from some music! That is the one thing that truly sticks out to me.

The game felt a bit dull after having to redo the underwater part for the third time. There needs to be something the player can do other than just move during that part, some form of defense (or attack)!

Overall I think you could add some more cosmetics to the game, animations, livelier levels etc.. But I think there is a good game at the core.


Thanks very much for the critique!

Music would be nice, yes. Couldn't find something that could quite fit in the public domain & I've not the skills to make something quick, but I do hope to learn how to compose. Maybe I can get good enough to provide at least one song for any next competition.

As with the picture of Earth and the painting of tiktaalik during load, the 3D rendering was part of a public domain picture. I don't know how to make 3D models on that note. Sorry if the title screen was misleading, I just wanted it to be eye-catching and cute.

It's supposed to checkpoint what level you've made it to last, something I should have definitely prioritized fixing, but did not.

Thanks for playing!