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Soarin' Mag (GMTK Jam 2017)View game page »

GMTK Jam 2017 entry - fling a magnetic robot around in search of the Core!
Submitted by Soron with 3 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
The player has a magnetic aura which can be used to move around, as well as to drag/hurl objects in the environment.
Several of the levels are traversed in more than one direction, once on your own, and once with the Core (large ball) in tow. On the second level, for instance, the diagonal section has pieces of terrain which are impediments on the way down, but vital anchors on the way up.
The Core serves a dual purpose as a macguffin, and as a tool to break down walls.
The smaller spike-balls let the player learn about how the Core will eventually move, and allow the player to break walls before they've reached the Core, and can be an interesting little thing to fling around.
The grapple points are used both for attraction (radial-in velocity boost), and for swinging (tangential velocity boost) - slightly unrealistic physically, but rather fun when you get going fast enough. Plus, this lets the player sometimes use grapple points to get closer to something (or out of a pit), and other times use them to redirect their momentum and/or boost their speed through the level.

Third-party resources
* A previously-published custom engine by the primary programmer, published under the MIT license (sounds like this is permissible)
* The 'get-pixels' and 'jade' NPM packages, used during build steps

Soron#3780 (programming),
JulesBear#1236 (art & level design),
Mag#0306 (music/sfx).

See the CREDITS file in the source link for alternate names/ways-to-contact.

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My main problem with this game was that the collision was very imprecise but it was a physics based game where collision needs to be on point. The red spikey ball was constantly getting stuck inside blocks and it caused everything to become a hassle. I felt like it fit with the theme, the magnetism was difficult to control as the acceleration was immense but it was an entertaining mechanic that needed more polish. I avoided as best I could going any faster than a crawl since I knew the collision would just ruin everything if I went to fast.