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Retrieve is an RTS without any units. Made for the GMTK 2018 Game Jam.
Submitted by Jacksoguy — 5 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Cool idea! It was a little confusing, but pretty good! I like how the music changes when you get the shapes! I'm guessing you got that from Mark's video about dynamic music? A fullscreen mode and better graphics would be nice. (Not that graphics really matter that much.) Good job!


RTS is an ambitious genre to tackle, especially for this jam theme, so I commend your ambition. It's an intriguing idea, but I'm not sure that "RTS without units" actually works as a concept. If you look at Mark's example of Snake Pass as a platformer without jumping, the core genre concept is not jumping per se, but rather navigating a space with gaps and verticality, and jumping is simply the most common means to do so. Snake Pass still has platforming, just without jumping.

I would say the core concept of real-time strategy is commanding units in a smart way, (typically) against an opponent, with time pressure. The fun of the gameplay comes from having to coordinate, managing multiple things simultaneously. When you strip away units, what you have can't really be called an RTS anymore. It's an action game (if you have enemies) or maybe a puzzle game (if you don't). So as intriguing as your premise is, I have a hard time making the case for calling the result an RTS. You're not a commander, you're just directly controlling one dude.

The way I see to do RTS in this jam would be to make an RTS where there are units, but you can't *command* them. Or maybe you can control them, but there is no strategy to it. Don't know how either of those would look - like I said, it's a tough concept!

Love the Pikmin shoutout. It does have a bit of that feel. Thanks for sharing your game!

That was super fun!! I'm not a big fan of rts games, but this definitely tapped into a different part of my brain. It felt like the original zelda or something where most of the challenge was in forming a mental map which was quite ambitious for a 48 hour thing. I could see this form of gameplay being incorporated into an rpg more than an rts, but the real time element is a lot of the appeal. Hitting an "x" wall is similar to hitting a high level mission where you're encouraged to work on different missions and taking in the world more before tackling it. Definitely a cool experience!

Fun collect game but has a few problems: it doesn't respect your time. Besides the walls that are purposely their to make you wait which is fine it's about time management but in the rooms where it just has you endless zigzaging around to get to a piece is just stupid. You already found the piece now its just waiting around