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A topic by GB Studio Central created Sep 02, 2023 Views: 414 Replies: 3
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The Pixel Art subreddit has some links for those looking for starting points courtesy of lowspec. If you don't know where to start or what tools are available, check these out:

Pixel Art: Where to Start

Pixel Art Tutorials

Pixel Art Software List

Pixel Art Palettes List

Perusing their feed is also a great place to get inspiration!

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

Brandon James Greer is a pixel artist and makes pretty neat, inspiring and technical videos. This one will help you understand what this Jam is technically looking for from your art. 160px x 144px which works out as 20 by 18 8px square tiles. To play on the ROM it needs to repeat tiles so there are 192 tiles or less.


Robert Doman put together this great video to help out with those starting with Pixel Art for this Jam!


awesome videos