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Le Gatuno 🐱 - GBJAM5 entry

A topic by Gato Mocho created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 789 Replies: 16
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Hi, there!

Le Gatuno is a platform game with a little bit of strategy. The main task is to help every cat to reach the fish in its stage before the time runs out, as extra mission you can collect the 3 stars available.

The game mechanics are simple, the cat runs by itself and will jump at your command. Hence, the input is basically one button. The interface is thought to be ready for touch screens, in the future I'll be publishing this game on the Play Store :)

Tools used:

  • Unity / C# as game framework
  • Aseprite for game assets

save-the-cat save-the-cat save-the-cat

Note: Particles systems are not ready yet, they aren't following the guidelines!

Any feedback is more than welcome, cheers!

I love it! Hurry up, I need a copy for my wife!

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Update 10/03:

  • Added a new object: Spikes. Let's add hazards to make it more challenging!
  • Added three stages more
  • Fishes' sprite improved.

save-the-cat save-the-cat

Levels are planned, I'll be adding them to the game this week.


Work in progress :)

Looks great, will love to try it out when it's done. Nice.

Thank you all for your support!

Update 10/04:

  • Fixed issue with physics, the cat used to get stuck between blocks. Not anymore
  • Created two new levels
  • Difficulty re-adjusted: first levels are more friendly regardless the cat moves faster now


Also I'm thinking of change the game's name. Any suggestion?


Maybe "____ the bouncing cat"? Or something better with the cats' name?

Bouncing Cat, I like it :)

I'd love to see more "on paper" design progress if you have any! Starting to look very sweet

Thank you!

I have two drawings for you, this project it's too small so a lot of planning was not required.

This is the first blueprint I drew one day before:


At the end that name was dropped. Then, I started to define the first set of levels.



Thank you for posting these, this is a huge eye-opener for me; going to start drawing out what I want on paper too!

Really interesting to see this kind of thought iterations!

Excellent! The designer just left these plans for the game's levels lying around! We can use them to beat all the levels! Muahahaha!

Update 10/05:

  • Two new levels added
  • We have a new object: Springs!

save-the-cat save-the-cat

Now the cat can reach new highs! This will let me create new and crazy levels.


Update 10/06:

  • Now the camera implements a shader that simulates a GB game
  • Introduced dust effect when the cat lands
  • Added a new shake effect for the camera. The screen will shake when either the cat lands or dies to make it more dramatic


Because reasons, I won't be able to deliver more updates until sunday. See you later!


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Update 10/09:

  • Music & SFX added! - Shout out to mguitars for his awesome work
  • Game progress is now working
  • Added new fonts.
  • Game experience polished: more bug/glitch fixes.

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LE GATUNO is out now!


It has been a crazy week, time to sleep. I'm planning add more levels before release it to the play store. Leave me your thoughts!


So cute! I love it! Excited to see it go up on the play store too.

After few weeks more of development, we launched the game for android devices finally!