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About reusing code from former projects

A topic by Delca created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 391 Replies: 4
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Hi everyone,

I was a little bit taken by surprise when I received a mail about GBJAM earlier today. Since I completely forgot about it, I did not put a high enough priority on refactoring and releasing the small engine I made back in April for my LOWREZJAM entry...

Which is why I was wondering about whether I should allow myself to use that piece of code, especially since given my time constraints this week it will have a big impact on what kind of game I will pursue. It has never been clear to me whether code and especially engine code counts as an asset (I usually go with the data/instruction dichotomy), and I think I remember the two being treated separately on some jam's ruleset (but do not quote me on that)

So, what are your thoughts ?

If people are permitted to use Unity, you shouldn't feel any guilt about using your own engine. But if you're even asking the question, perhaps you'd get more satisfaction building completely from scratch? Suit yourself, and don't worry about the rules as much as your own personal goals!

Game jams are all for fun really no one's gonna gut you for reusing code and engine's are perfectly fine ^_^

The jam page says that only the graphics must be done during the jam's course, not the code. I'm going to reuse an engine I made last year, make a couple of changes to it and then focus on level design, audio design and graphic art, due to my time availability is that or no gbjam for me :P

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Reusing the engine should be fine, but you'll probably want to make a new game out of it.

If you'd rather keep to the same premise and gameplay, I guess you could make it a sequel?