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How do I open source my project?

A topic by CowCat created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 444 Replies: 4
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Hi, I'm using GMS2 (Game Maker Studio 2) and I'm wondering how I'm able to make it open source. I'm aware that GMS2 allows you to save the project as a Game Maker Project File where others can view the source code if they have the engine already installed. However, I'm assuming that most of the people here don't have GMS2 on their systems so, how do I make my project open source? 


GM Project Files are plain text. Others don't need to have GMS2 installed, so just push your code to your repository on GitHub and you'll have it open source. Others can easily view your code from there.

Uploading files to Github will allow others to see your code, but to make it "open source" you should attach an open source license like the GPL, Apache, or MIT ones.

and how do I do that exactly?

Add a LICENSE file to the root directory of your repository. Github has several templates you can use:

  1. Go to the root directory of your repo on Github and click "Create new file".
  2. Name the new file "LICENSE". If done correctly, a button labelled "Choose a license template" should appear. Click on it.
  3.  Read over the different license templates and pick the one you want to use and then click "Review and Submit".
  4. Commit the new LICENSE file to your repo.