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Progress on Buccaneers

A topic by r1sc created Jul 21, 2018 Views: 101 Replies: 2
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Hiya! This post is just my personal outlet for posting updates on my FloppyJam entry "Buccaneers".

The strategy so far:

  • The game will be similar to Sid Meier's Pirates!
  • It uses a strict 16-color (4-bit) EGA palette
  • Programmed in C with OpenGL 1.1 for rendering graphics
  • Has no dependencies that doesn't ship with Windows
  • All assets are packed in the executable. Ships in a single .EXE
  • Figure I should suffice with a couple hundred kB
  • Map should be procedurally generated.

So far, the game is 23kB uncompressed.

Here's a screenshot of the current state of the game.


Looks interesting! I'm currently working on a game similar to Legend of Zelda using .net core and C#. Good luck!


Wow, you are crunching the numbers! Keep the work, very excited to see what you come up with.