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Question about suitability for submission

A topic by fluffy created Jan 02, 2018 Views: 179 Replies: 5
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One of my ongoing projects is an anthology of short games, entitled Refactor, in which I am making one short interactive music video for each song on my album of the same name. Each game is part of the greater project, and this will only be one "track" in the album.

Is it in keeping with the theme of the jam to finish just this one part of the game, and if so, how would I go about submitting it in a way that makes it clear that it's ONLY that one track? I did track 1 (Little Bouncing Ball) for a similar jam last year and there was a lot of confusion over whether it was Refactor as a whole or Little Bouncing Ball alone.

I've structured things such that I could split the tracks up into separate itch games if absolutely necessary without too much work, but I'd rather not have to do this for a number of reasons.



Hi, sounds like an interesting project. I'm not too sure what's best though, if you don't want to split the tracks then all I can suggest is some big bold text at the start of the game description. Just a sentence explaining that only 1 track is for this jam. Not sure itch offers any alternative to that.

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The fact it’s an album of games is absolutely integral to the project. And as I said, another track was done for a jam and there will probably be others as well; I can’t put all of them into the first sentence of the description. 

I wish itch had jam-specific descriptions, argh. 


Ah, I asked about this on the discord and someone suggested that the jam could have a custom submission field that anyone can fill in, so for example a field like "What has been finished?" or "How long has this been sitting around?" or the like could be helpful, even for normal submissions. :)

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Oh right OK, well I already set that up.  There is a custom free-text field for the jam that asks how long you've been working on the submission (did the same in last year's jam if you wanted to have a look).  Will that work for you?


Ah, sure, that's fine! Thanks.