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Dimensional PassageView game page

When a pixel wants to become a model....3D model that is!
Submitted by drw (@iAreDrw) — 5 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline
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Dimensional Passage's page

Theme inspiration
My teammate thought it would be cool to start as a 2D pixel and go through a passage of dimensions to become a 3D model. So you start in a 2D game then you go towards a 3D game. It didn't turn out how we wanted, and I am not verse in UE4 yet, but we finished it on time!

Sorry for the bad lighting!

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The game was neat and I liked the use of just basic shapes it gave the game that "simple but cool" vibe though i had some lag here and there(maybe it was just my computer) but overall cool game, I've thought of something like this myself but nice to see someone else's take on it.


Hi. What a neat way to interpret the theme of this jam. I like it. 
I also dig your minimalist art style  - very clean without being sterile. 

The game play was a pretty standard platformer  experience. 

Here, a little indicator or progress bar that shows how many more pieces (polygons?) you need to become a higher shape would be cool. As it is, it feels a bit arbitrary.  But that just nitpicking.

Also maybe you could have added a buffer zone to your jumps that allows for more forgiving jumps.  They weren't particularly hard but some jumps felt as if I should have been able to still jump but instead I fell. 

Thumbs of the Diegetic UI and the voice produced sounds. :)

Well done. 

*Comment Pact Club*


To this day, I've yet to see a UE4 game that I could run without lag.

Judging from your documents, it would appear that you managed the main things you set out to do. However, I noticed your design plans seemed to be just how the game should look and the broadest progression. Is that normal for formal planning? I would've expected more details along the lines of how high the pixel could jump as a multiple of their own size or at least what sort of control scheme to use.

Regarding the game itself, I noticed a couple pixels that needed to be 3d to get but that I couldn't reach due to being still 2d. It made sense after the switch, but in the moment it seemed like a bug, especially since there was no indication of how to progress.


Thanks for you input. I appreciate you taking the time to try our game. It is true that the game was not optimized in anyway, so some lag may occur from whatever it may be. There is jittering when playing because the camera isn't set up the best way. It fulfills the very basic needs of it running. I haven't been working with UE4 long enough to really profile what's going on. 

As for the gameplay, we didn't really plan much of anything. We did try to make a game design doc, but there's really not much in there. We just wanted to make one for fun. We just had the idea of a pixel going from 2D to 3D and went with it. The collision of the player is not the same size as the mesh. I wasn't able to figure out this problem I had with compounding colliders, so I just ditched it. It is what it is.

Thanks for trying it out and every constructive feedback is helpful!