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New deadline is Saturday 13th June 1PM  CAT 

Great game!! Its fast paced and keeps you on your toes .

My best was 14

Friday night actually

Sorry for the delay , Ran into some technical difficulties on our end but they've been sorted . The Jam will be extended accordingly and once again apologies for delays caused.

Hope you're all ready to start making games 

Not sure if its just me but i kept dying and this arrow didn't even touch. So maybe the colliders are too big or i'm just not playing it right.

Obviously the game lacks alot, but the gameplay is smooth . The wall jump takes some getting used to but atleast it works.

Would have been nice if the "baddies" could come after you, just to give it some atmosphere.

I admit the level design wasn't the best but i think you're referring to the fact that when you die it takes you back to the beginning.

Glad you liked the challenge

The font not being clear is my bad i was playing with some new fonts to see if they would look good with the rest of the aesthetics which is why there are 2 different fonts in the game.

Shooting upward only was a design choice because there's not much to do in the game and being able to shoot in any direction would make the game dull pretty quick.It also adds some difficulty to the game which fits well with the kind of survival vibe.

I wanted to give it difficulty on top of a survival element considering there's not much to do besides evading , so why not shoot in only one direction I thought.

Well if you put it like that its a pretty neat idea

Great idea, it kind of reminds me of "paper's please" but it got repetitive pretty quickly and this is just my opinion but the sound didn't really complement the game making it feel a bit out of place.But overall fun experience .

The gameplay was nice but i  didn't get the unfair advantage part. Bear with me in case i missed something, when you die your score resets to -300 and you have to build it back to the positives, isn't that more of a disadvantage than anything?

The fact that you can die immediately the game start's is a let down but cool game and art.

Some VFX for dashing and such would go a long way

It's a cool concept but the controls are very clunky and unresponsive. Platformer's require precise controls at the very least so... just work on them. 

Side note: The music was great nice sound score it really emphasizes the urgency.

Just checked it and everything seems to be ok maybe try a different browser



Cool art what's the license like for use in commercial projects?

What's the license on these items?

Lol sorry about that, it was the only way to make it challenging

Nice Colours and art way more impressive than my submission

Thanks for that please try the game again should work this time keep me posted if you encounter any other issues

thanks for your time & feedback the game will receive some " bonus level "updates soon(levels i drew up on paper but never got to making due to time constraints)

thanks for the feedback, the game is still receiving updates so stay tuned for bonus levels 

Much appreciated, any criticism or feedback you may have would be great.Hope you had fun

Sweet game love the graphics

The game was neat and I liked the use of just basic shapes it gave the game that "simple but cool" vibe though i had some lag here and there(maybe it was just my computer) but overall cool game, I've thought of something like this myself but nice to see someone else's take on it.

I liked the game and the music was brilliant ,its very enjoyable especially with a friend but pace of the game makes it difficult to play for long

I realized it was very difficult to play after i had submitted lol but thanks for the feedback i'll upload the bug fixed version after the jam rating is done

nope i couldn't get past the research and figure it out any hints?

is the game template up for sale

nice game but it was a bit difficult

yeah i kinda made the game in a rush but the experience was fun

yeah i kinda realized that after submitting it 

i'll see what i can do

I get you, that level was made quick but thanks for playing