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A Merchant's JourneyView game page

A trading and sailing game.
Submitted by CharlieK, mmartha — 47 minutes before the deadline
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A Merchant's Journey's page

Theme inspiration
We took a literal approach to a slightly less used form of the word passage: the permission or freedom to pass. In this case, booking passage on ships as a merchant to hawk your wares around the world.

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Interesting concept. I thought about doing a trading game before I pivoted but yours seems much more complicated than what I had planned. I like the trading concept. Having no ability to know what any given city wants made it feel like a bit of a guessing game but I feel like the idea was to make it almost like so the player has to figure out what each place needs on their own which is interesting. I feel like I needed a pad of paper to play the game. I felt that the actual navigation was the least interesting part given that there is no danger or cost nor benefit to that part of the game. This may have been a lack of time but it is a pretty unengaging aspect. I'd cut it entirely to focus on the trading (which was the more interesting half to me) otherwise you'll want to flesh it out much more. As it is, its mostly a question of whether or not you memorized the map well enough. I do like that because you need to book passage you shouldnt be able to just set up a route between two cities so you can rack up gold memorizing one or two things to ferry across (in reality there is a bug that lets you do that quite easily). I might recommend that prices be able to flucuate a little more to make the trading a little more variable and make it so you have to pay a bit more attention and cant just pick out one thing that every city needs and take that thing to them. It's a rough game but I see a lot of potential in this game. I hope that you consider keeping working on it and really start to explore the boundaries of it.


Interesting game, reminds me of another trading game that I saw a long time ago.  The idea that you have to ration buying passage alongside needing to go to other places to buy items is an interesting challenge.  I also like the way that no two islands are the exact same.  Having a world map that you need to memorize is an interesting concept.

There are a few places that I think could use improvement: 

  • no in game tutorial meant that I had to look at other comments to figure out how to play
  • The collision on the boat is somewhat iffy and I got caught on many of the islands
  • not being able to find out what is illegal on certain islands is troublesome and leads to semi random feeling cargo loss.

Overall a unique concept I have never seen a trading game on a game jam before.  


Hey, I'm having some trouble playing this. How do I leave port?


Once you've purchased an item called "passage to (a city), press e and you'll be on your ship. Press A or d to steer, then w to deploy your sails. Bear in mind you'll only be able to enter the city you bought a ticket to