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Overall I had fun with this game. It works beautifully. Some of the background graphics need a little work in making them blend in, but that's pretty much expected in a game jam.

The game is a lot of fun when you're going full speed, dodging planets and bouncing from one gravity well to another, so I'm a little disappointed to lose time for it. If I had one piece of advice for the next game, it would be don't punish players for making use of your best mechanics. 

I think what it needs is a reason to play fast and dangerous. Right now, you can just go slow, avoid everything easily, and get home safe and sound, but that's not fun. With a little tweaking this one could be great. You should be proud of it.

Once you've purchased an item called "passage to (a city), press e and you'll be on your ship. Press A or d to steer, then w to deploy your sails. Bear in mind you'll only be able to enter the city you bought a ticket to

Glad you enjoyed it! I think I know the control bug you are talking about and that's one of the first things I've got slated for improvement. Hope it wasn't too off-putting. Thanks for your input!