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[Someone is Typing]
Submitted by Raespark (@raesparkgames) — 8 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
We wanted to explore the passage-related connotations around "death" but applicable to "death-like" experiences we encounter as living beings, such as saying goodbye to a friend (for reasons unrelated to physical death). This game also relates to the passage of information and understanding one's own thought process!

Sensory info

Content info
Contains some cursing/adult language

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Diegetic UI

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This game is strangely therapeutic. Feels almost like screaming into the void.

The sound design is top notch. The text sound effect and ambient noise really help you zone in on this mock conversation. I like that although you cant change the outcome of the narrative or even understand the other party, you can shape the tone of the dialogue with just how you choose to respond.

I did find a small loop on the choice "liu" would just bring me back to the same choice where I could just keep picking it and bringing me back to the same spot in the conversation.

Although I can't really find much replay value and its probably not for everyone, after playing it I decided to call my friend who recently moved away and we had a great conversation. So I guess that's the best recommendation I can give. Take care of yourself


The ilu loop is intentional! It’s supposed to be a sorta goof answer where you both send each other hearts but the symbols didn’t work in our custom fonts so the best attempt was that! Though I can see how it might look like a bug haha.

Really glad you enjoyed it!!


This was surprising in a good way! It felt a bit poetic and I loved details such as having the choice between "it's okay" and "it's okay."

The playground as background is an interesting choice, I bet by just offering an alternative you could drastically change the tone with just that and expand the experience.

Take care of yourself!