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A puzzle platformer about corpses, crossbows, and endless cycles.
Submitted by Super∴Try — 10 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline

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The main mechanic of Eleazar involves dying, looping back, and interacting with your corpse to solve puzzles. I interpreted the theme of cycles to mean "loops" so I tried to add lots of repetition that builds on itself in the level design, mechanics, and story.

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Death, skeletons and crossbows, but no blood or gore.

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Amazing concept and amazing execution! The aesthetic is just really cute too! The level design is also amazing and the way you introduce new puzzle concepts and then integrate them is intuitive and delightful!


Heef hoof! Aside from aesthetically being right up my alley, this was such a nice little puzzle romp that made the ol' smile bones beam with delight. I played through it once on general intuition and then again trying to break it or find secondary solutions (not expecting anything of course).  I managed to do a little matrix bending ala glitching bodies in the wall, but to my suprprise there were a few instances where I found ways to cut corners and it really made me appreciate how the simplicity of the mechanic could have potentially opened up the amount of potential solutions were it a larger game. Very neat. 

Lastly, I will have one of the flower draugar as a friend, please. 

You're the heckin' best,


Thanks buddy :D


Man, that first death, leading to the, logo reveal, and then that music kicked in with the guitar! In my head i was like oohhh, you a Bad Man! I love the attention to detail.




Great execution on this idea.  I love how the mechanics were used to build up suspense in the room with the crossbow, and overall it just seems like a really clean use of simple mechanics that compound on each other.  The music was really effective at differentiating different types of puzzles and challenges and the game just looks and sounds great.  Plus the way the deteriorating skulls resemble the zombies gives me just enough to want to know more about the way this world works.  I want more Eleazar.

I did find a little bug where if I warp to the shrine at the beginning of the room where the flower zombies first appear the audio cue isn't activated and the rest of that area is music-free.  Besides that I didn't find any serious hiccups or game-breaking issues.


Thank you!! Good catch on that audio bug, I think I fixed it.