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Thank you :)! Today it's coming day-one patch. New enemies, boss wave, new weapoms.

Thank's for Playing! Have fun!


Preety nice game!


 The sensitivity needs to start in the middle of the bar, not at the lowest.  I played a fair bit struggling with super low sensitivity before I even saw I could change it at the start menu.  It might be obvious to you, but a first time player isn't looking for a sensitivity option in the first menu, they are looking for start game or how to play."

I gonna fix that, no problem.

"There is a bug that makes it so when I pull my mouse over to the side, it goes onto my 2nd monitor and I'm no longer controlling the game anymore.  This was the cause of most my deaths."

That is a problem in the most unity fps. I dont now how to fix that. Sorry.


More feedback on being hit my enemies would be helpful, as it was, it just felt like I died for no reason.  I had no idea where the enemy was, I didn't know if I stood on one, or it shot me.  My hp bar just seemed as tho it was randomly jumping down."

Yeach, i thought abount it. But i had no time to do it. Mayby at the weekend.


It's propably true, but i literly can not install quake 3 on raspberry pi 3.

But that could be my 0% skills.

No. It's sad.


They Came From Space

## Mach ####. Near #### Secret Facility in ####.  Cube Aliens brake out. You are the only one, who survived, but it's not save yet. They are everywhere. What can you do? Take you'r dooble barrler shootgun, and blow them away!!! 



Nice game! And you make IT on 4 days?

Preety nice!

Welp, that game is my start with 3d games. I made one prototype before, but that is first actuall game. As i sayed, i'm starting with this, so plese, give me some feedback and suggestions.


my instagram.

Post there erros and bugs, you found!

Post there you'r sugestions and feedback!

No problem :)

Nice Game!!! I really love Graphics and Effects(specialy destroyng enemies!)!!! It have some potencial to be an awsome Tower Defense game!!! And i love Tower Defense!!!

Welp, i dont have much time to do the whole game, and it's my first 3d game in general. abount the sensitivity, i use slow sensitivity at my mouse, so it's looked good on my computer. I dosent think abount it, someone could have quicker mouse. There is no pause button, so if you want to exit to menu, you have to die. Anyway, thank's for Playing!!!

Ok, my bad game is here PLAY NOW. I gonna play your game.

The flying enemies are the rockets. It's look's like i forgot to ment them at how-to-play section. 

I dont now, whats hapenig with that "as soon as an enemy touches me i die". That is a bug, when enemy toych you, he is supposed to die.


I dont now what im doing.

Thank you! ^_^

ok! Heroes my;Play Now


There's no game here. :(

Ok, it's my! Have fun!!! PLAY NOW

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Simple thing: test my game, i gonna test your's. Ps: It would be nice, if someone rate my game too. PLAY NOW

Nice Game but i would be better, with highscore's and np: upgrade system!!! Think abount it!!!

Welp, i currently play you're one. I gonna give some feedback at game page. It would be nice, if you check my! Here it is: PLAY NOW

Nice game! Good graphics! 8/10!

Nice little game you have there! 7.5/10

Nice game! Good job! 8/10

I wish to, but unity project broke out, and i can not do anything with it. Now i'm trying to do something else. Also quick based movment, cube shooter. :)

Wait... havent you make this game for a lux game jam, more than week ago?

Thank You :)

Yep. I played you're game too! Preety fun!

I'm trying to. And abount that screenshot, that level propably want be done in time, becose i'm trying to make some speedrun level's. Thank's for playing! :)

I actuly used brackey's tutorials, but modyfide them a little bit :). That's why there's no wall jumping. I used character controller, not a rigidbody.

About options, i know what have you mean. I tried to set them up, but unity project crash, and i had no backup. Meh.

What do you mean abount menu otptions? Do you mean the all buttons ta the menu? And abount karlso, do you mean karlson the game by dani? Becose, if yes, i will have to say, that game relly inspired me to make a 3d game, but i don't use that game, as template. Thanks for playing!