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So the icon above the characters showing only when moving seems like a good idea(other than shield, it should stay there to show that you can't harm the enemy for example). I think i know why putting yourself against the wall causes enemy to stop fighting, and it's becouse enemy attacks when you cahnge your position. I am rewriting the enemy ai enyway, so it's a good idea to fix it. And for the last issue, did you move past your enemy, or to the same spot, becose moving to the same spot does not count as an attack on acount of my spagetti code collisions.

Anyway, thank you for feedback!

Sure, if you could check if it will even run on difrent pc's!

So i am working on remaking this game rn, it's tic80, so it will work bedder on android, and enemies will signal when they are going to attack.

Yes, that is the case. I would love to fix it, but the files for this game have been lost, so it's stuck this way :/.

I tried using  python fev weeks ago by using pygame, and managded to make somehat fun game eventually. It's still not working in browser, but i managded to make it into .exe file. I would like someone's opinion on should i continiue it, or work on something else.

The game is Necrodancer-like rouglike where you explore infinite corridors and fight with enemies turn-based.


Pretty neat game! The graphics are just beautiful(all tho sometimes not clear), the music sound's great, and gameplay is really fun.

Great game! It would be nice, if something happend, if you just kinda don't play the snake.

Fair enough. Waiting for new actualizations!

The game is quite good, graphics are amazing, and music is epic! I don't have anything bad to say abount controlls, but shooting, while good, let's you shoot through walls. Also, the demo just kinda stops/

Yeah, fair in off, i made that game inspired by downwell sprite-work. Thank you for feedback :D

Thank you :D

Well, the game is actually preety fun.  The game is kinda easy up to black holes-shooting levels, and then it's frustrating. Good work tho!


A Fast-Paced top-down shooter, using only 2 buttons. Tons of enemies try to get to you, so you have to shoot them in the face, before they even get a chance.

I'm thinking abount developing game futher, fro android, but i don't now, is that a good idea. (And also, should i add posibility to move?)

No problem :D Remember to put name of autor somewhere visible, becose it's CC

So, i came back to the topic. Karslon run on x86 linux and raspberry pi supprot only arm linux. I tried to run it using programs, that emulate x86... and i sucseded!... In 1fps. I bought udo x86 || and installed ubuntu x86, witch ran it at outstanding 15fps!!! I'm thinking abount buying a dell compute stick, and if i will, i will try karlson there! (windows 10)

You made this game during a game-jam? Bravo!

Well, dying bug hase been fixed, but i didn't added sensitivity setting's yet. Will be added soon!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that make sense! I tried to move the coki.

The game dosn't wotk. At least i didn't manadged to move the cokie. Do you have to use mobile to play the game?

"The game softlocked itself after death in 2nd level (it didn't reset)" Well, gonna fix thos in new actualization!

Btw, sensitivity settings is a great idea! Gonna put it there too!

Thnak's for taking my feedback to you're concideration! :D

Thannk you! :D

Me too. This is from where i usually take music.

This game is fricking awsome! I love puzzle games! I i would have to get on something, player gravity doesn't seem really good, and lack of music is anoing, but overall, love this! :D

This game is preety good! With more ingredients and randomly generated position of ingredients would make it an awsome mobile game (or switch game)! I also love the pixel art graphics and music!

I fricking love the graphics of this game! The concept of the game is also kinda cool, but i have really big problem with colliders and controlls: 

The controlls of player sims kinda... broken. Mostly becose of colliders and you can not jump, if you get to far from platform. It sims regular, but adding some time(like .1 seconds) after geting of the platform, player should be able to jump. 

I also can not complete the third key jump, but that's propably just becose i suck.


Thank You! :)


Great! Thank you for taking my feedback to you're atention!

Preety fun game, but would a hole lot bedder, if you would add more slicing effects, to slicing fruits!

That is one tough grandma! Really fun game, good work!

It definitly is color switch 3d! Really fun game! If i would have any issue with it, you should propably make some actuall color-switch-like controlls. Good work!

Well, the game works fine, but i have some issues with it. Most importanly, bullets are invisible(at least i can not see them) and you can not avoid enemy fire, witch is not that fun. You should definitly make bullets visible(or change raycast to bullets, if you use raycast), enemy bullets slower(so you can avoid them) and automaticly reload, when you are out of ammo. 

It is preety impresive, looking at time, you finished it, but it really need some fixes.

Yep, it's propably a good idea! I wanted to do some games for VR platform, but i got banned for using vr for next month. During this time, i will do my best to make a sequel! Thank you for investing you're time into my creations, this really mean a lot to me!

Yeah. Unfortunetly, my computer crashed, and deleted all files. This game is preety much over.