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Hi jdelible!

First off, thanks for playing, and congrats on achieving one of the game's endings! 

Secondly, yes, the tumblr is a large source of hints. Some of the puzzles can be completed with knowledge of Lovecraftian lore alone, but that site exists for those without that knowledge. 

If you would like some hints for achieving the other ending, let me know! Thanks again for playing!

Congrats on getting one of the endings! The easiest way to restart is to delete the .dat files. This will reset Soracca to it's initial state. 

Try searching the bar, keeping an eye on the inspect icon.

Hey all, thanks for your patience. I apologize for not responding to this sooner; recent life circumstances have kept me unable to access my emails and socials. It seems that I mistakenly uploaded the Steam version of the game to Itch, which includes infrastructure that communicates with Steam's API. The latest version (labeled 'Soracca for Itch') should work on any Windows device without the need for Steam.

That being said, this is a difficult issue for me to troubleshoot on my end. Please let me know if the latest version still does not work for you. Alternatively, if you would like a Steam version, please send me a direct message on Twitter with proof of your purchase of the Ukraine bundle, and I will get you a Steam key.

I'm super appreciative that, out of nearly a thousand games, you chose to give your time to mine. I'm sorry that it didn't work for you straightaway. Thanks so much for bringing this issue to my attention; I hope that you are all able to enjoy The Manse on Soracca

Please feel free to throw the soundtrack in there as well!

HOLY COW. This is incredible. You should definitely keep this project going.

This is a lot of fun! The visual style is A+ and your cast of enemies is varied and exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing how this continues to develop. My biggest gripe right now is not being able to switch weapons with the scroll wheel, but that's an easy fix. I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

This is pretty terrific! Great ambiance, cute graphics, and a really interesting battle system. I could really see this being brought out into a full game! Though, given how well y'all did on Haque, it really shouldn't be surprising that you're good with roguelikes, lol.

This game is dripping in aesthetic, and I absolutely love it! Excellent job!

You can find the controls by pressing "C" on the title screen, along with the credits and story. 

But, for everyone else reading:

WASD: Move

Q/E: Cycle equipped item

J: Inspect

K: Use equipped item

H: Go empty-handed (necessary to interact with certain objects)

I'm very excited to announce that my first full-fledged game, The Manse on Soracca, will be launching here on October 12th, 2019! This has been an amazing experience. It's the first time I've tackled an entire project on my own, which was a huge challenge in its own right. Besides that, I really think I've created an experience unlike anything else. 

Of course, it's still going to be a little rough around the edges. That's why I'm releasing here on Itch first before moving to other storefronts. I'll really be counting on you folks to hit me with as many bug reports as you can. Any feedback is good feedback for me, be it positive or negative. Let me know what you think, and aid me in cultivating this experience to something truly spectacular!

I hope you all enjoy, and remember: stay on your toes, and keep your head straight as you unravel this mystery!

It's ok, my dude

I was mostly joking. It just feels like it would be a perfect fit given the touch-and-drag nature of the disks.

Another jam well done! I love all the little details in the level design. The gameplay is simple yet nuanced too! I just wish I were smart enough to finish it! XD

It's a cute little game. Kinda wish there were multiple endings or something based on how much joy you invested. Or maybe multiple levels of investment to make things look better.

This is wicked cool, and a wonderful take on GMTK Jam's theme! Any chance we can get a DS port? I feel like it would really shine there. ;D