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This is great! I'd love an option where you have to complete the quests in a limited amount of time. It'd be kind of overcooked-esque.

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Thanks! It ends after an 8 "hour" shift which is about 8 minutes but thinking it over 4 minutes would probably be better.

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Thanks! Yeah that's definitely an issue. We're looking at updating it to fix that bug and another one that comes up sometimes.

Thanks! There are a few bugs that I'd love to get fixed and some features we might try to add in but I'm pretty happy with it considering the time frame. Fabri did a great job on the music.

Wow, this is such a great concept! I'll have to try playing this with someone in person sometime!

This is fantastic! I get the same feeling playing this as I do with a game like factorio, but I love how abstract it is. I'd love for this to be a full game, with ways to move modules around, and with more ways to handle / split / store / etc. 

This is fantastic! Great work!

Woah this is amazingly implemented. I'm glad I didn't go with a puzzle platformer because this blows everything else in that category out of the water.