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I just read this comment. I thank you so much for such an inspiration. I will keep everything in mind in my next game to make!

Hey, wezu! I appreciate you for playing the game! I don't know about that thing asking for internet connection. I made it in unity, built it in Unity then made an installer using inno-setup. Could you show me a screenshot when it ask you for internet thing? I really have not encountered it yet. However, for the graphics options. When you hit escape. You can set and adjust the quality and even turn down the resolution. I haven't got the time to add vsync and motion blur toggles so you can turn it off. But you can definitely change the quality for better performance.

I'm glad you tried it! Thank you!


I love this. but the thing is I'm using a keyboard without arrow keys. Dang, I wish there's a settings to switch controls. I played this on my laptop. Great game!

Dude yoo're osom!

Hey there! Thanks for playing the game. I never knew that someone will be playing it because it was old and amateur. However, I made the game to have no instruction but there is definitely a way to get out of the room. I don't know. Some players has got it but some don't. I appreciate your review, I know I can do a lot better now but I still learned a lot from your words. Thank you!

PS The password was a randomly generated code so there's no easy way to brute-force it without any luck. But from the hint I gave. You can really see the password somewhere in the game :D When there is darkness, there is light. Cheers! I'll definitely make better next time.