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Well you are right. It's the purpose of this jams to explore things you wouldn't normally. So the feeling would be different with other background art. Not necessarily better or worse. 

I liked the message on this experience, and that it progresses into being more and more difficult to please the crowd. I feel the faces behind are a little unpolished, maybe a crowd of pixel characters like the pedestrian would be more consistent.

I liked how you applied the theme. And the music is so smooth for the game. I tried to beat you but didn't get even close. I sucked at calculating the trajectories. Maybe a trajectory line would help, at least on the first orbits.

I loved seeing him getting old, and really enjoyed the music. I kind of kept trying to shoot from keyboard, as everything else is done there.

I loved it! cute and hard enough. The hints were hilarious XD, heck yeah to the crossbow!

I loved it! It was all so cute, the art and the music, I really enjoyed cycling trough all elements on the last 2 levels. My personal favorite was earth, with his trying hard sound. ❤  I would add a next level button,  on the restart/back to menu screen. Adios!

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This was quite good, I lost a lot of lives with all the holes in there XD. And the main character reminds me of elfen lied, the red hair and the blood.