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Not the ending I expected, so bittersweet! Great short game!

I know that the Godot Team used to be on the lookout for someone to make a demo to showcase the possibilities of the Engine. I feel you might be interested? Perhaps check in with Remi/Juan if there's still budget?

I've been thinking, that might be my approach for my next project, have keyboard players use the mouse for aiming. I'd have to playtest it to know how that handles. :-)

Funnily enough I had figured the game would be mostly played with a ps4 or xbox controller, but I have misjudged my target audience, so far all feedback has been with people playing with keyboard. I mapped it out at the beginning, and yeah, next game will surely have better mapping. Perhaps give some mapping options or something.

The voice acting is because it's a fan game and the sound fragments come from the show the game's a tribute. I had to trim stuff a bit so it doesn't always end up sounding 100%, but I felt like for the target audience it would add to the experience and was hoping it didn't distract for people unfamiliar. Adding subtitles is a good idea, I'm putting that in my lessons learned.

Next time I need to add difficulty options, because using keyboard is hard mode, and the section with the bats truly is too hard, especially for beginners.

Thanks for playing the game and the feedback!

Awesome!! Such a nice intro as well!

Testing feedback: it doesn't seem to detect my PS4 controller sometimes (not the connection, tested it simultaneously with Godot game picking it up); perhaps especially when having used keyboard input and then trying to switch to controller?

I would let people skip the cutscene at the beginning when playing for the second time (for instance when you only read the controller inputs and then couldn't find the attack key before you were on your last life).

I seem to have some trouble picking up a package again after releasing it. Also, it seemingly stops after placing the first two packages, can't get to your first screenshot. :-)

Good beginning though.

Super sweet game.

Adding a visual cue to what direction you're facing could help with the dagger throw, but otherwise very smooth gameplay!

I don't really get it, I'm afraid.

[Old Man Voice] I remember when the play testing used to be on Mondays! In my day we didn't even need testing, we just shipped and patched. These young ones... too good for day 1 24Gig updates.

I did try it for the last one, but seemingly couldn't get it to work. If I ever figure it out, I will make an HTML export standard, yeah.


Creepy critters


Follow the leader

I was thinking about doing a game jam during the US road trip, and seems that now we're in San Frisco, the time is right because at least here I have working internets. However, this "W" is giving me trouble. Should have been little creatures or something. XD

(Streaming intermittently from (connection not always stable))

The voter is never wrong they say. Screw the people who say that! :-P

As I suspected, missing files. You uploaded the exe instead of the zip?

All meme radars are in the red, abdandon ship and smash down on earth! Death to all non Knight-kun-sama-senpai! (I liked the game!)

Fun little game. Only downside I would say is lack of difficulty ramp-up? Nice being the hero!

Nice that you have this power level-up throughout the game. Nice chunk of content, just the right length!

Great concept. Not entirely sure what you need to do for a killing blow with the boulder, but sometimes I killed a non-villager!

Streaming my late entry:

Pretty cool. I would think that if I have two cards with chain, I could add in a third, but this didn't seem to work. Perhaps it would be nice to have some text somewhere you could click to get more info on what effects the card you played had. Also idle animations for the characters would be nice addition. :-)

This definitely gets the audio prize! Such a nice tune!

Very nice! I like how it conceptually sticks together!

6h40min, though, so not up for the actual first place. But thanks!

I'm about to stream in 10ish minutes:

After just playing fear and reading Ending, I presume my eyes were still trying to move fast, and I had a visual haluciation of the game box seemingly expanding. Don't waste your money on acid, play "falling in sorrow". :-)

Yeah, I know Whitley's leg does the thing. Couldn't figure out the bug. :-)

Going to start streaming in 10 mins, I hope

I'm gonna start streaming now.

"Let the bodies hit the floor" is playing to the right of the screen.  

The theme's "Messy Business" (see the "title" in the main page description). It's usually pinned down on Friday. I'd suggest asking the RockNightStudios guys on their stream for next week? (This is a weekly event) Monday evening they stream the games from the Jam. You could also jam on Sunday and send them the game you make. It won't be in the Jam overview, but they still play it on stream normally.

Another idea, since moving the jam this late could be troublesome: you do the jam at an earlier time, but only take three hours (+30 mins), and then submit it when the jam's live? You could stream it for extra flavor.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I guess I should have made the last jump a bit less difficult. A game jam does make for limited testing however, and after a while you presume everyone will "feel" the physics like you as dev do, which of course is not the case. I did also include a second level, where the first jump is one of the most difficult in there. Seems like difficulty ramping is something I have difficulty with in the games I make in general, ah well, time should make me better in finding the right balance. :-)

Just like you I've always liked trial bike games a lot (began with flash games as well), and wanted to see if I understood Godot enough to make one. 

Such amazing polish! When you trigger death and the screen goes up to reveal the title. How can this be in a game jam game?? Super!

Really nice hook to the "cycles" theme with this mechanic!

Crazy bus driver! That long braking distance though! :-D

A nice lemmingsesque puzzle game. Crazy what's been built in only four days!