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use the power
Submitted by Joqlepecheur (@joqlepecheur) — 13 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline

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In what way(s) does your game fit the jam theme?
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very well done, only suggestion would be to help the player understand level one.

SO MANY SECRETS! Great game I really loved it! Didn't figured out the real ending :c i reach the level -1 


impressive, you almost finished !

I admit -1 is a bit far fetched, you don't unlock a new power but rather have to be thorough in the level with a power you already have


I figured out that in level 2 that the music made the enemies move but could not get them in a position where I could jump on them.  Clearly I was missing something, but the game was clever and made you think.


yup, jumping over is not an option. Thanks for the comment !


Took me some time to figure out the first level, but after that, I was just so impressed by how well put together, polished and original this game is. I'm an absolute sucker for pixel art, retro and even low palette pixel art when done right, and you nailed it! Music is awesome too :) <3

You even took the time to have two separate "jump" sounds as to not get too monotonous. This definitely isn't your first game, and it shows, great job!! <3


Hi there, thanks for the comment ! Did you manage to get the "real ending" ;) ?

In fact there is a single sound for jumps. However, as for 90% of the sounds in the game, I randomized the pitch between 3-6 values to make the sounds less repetitive (in gamemaker, this is just one line of code). The bouncing on foes sound is the same, with a much lower pitch. I always use this cheap trick :)


Randomized the pitch eh!? I was just advised to do that yesterday during the last couple hours of my game by a friend for my explosions, but I ended up just going with different explosions sounds. I should have done the same with the "jump grunt" noise, but I was running out of time and really burnt out, lol.

Still haven't yet, I had a game breaking bug I forgot to tell you about on like level 3. I'm going to give it another go though.


nope it isnt ;)

I just fixed a bug (only in windows, not html) where game was crashing if no player was there when swapping player/foes. Could that have been the issue you had?


Very Nice Game!