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Dear EdwinView game page

A PSX style demake of Dear Esther.
Submitted by NatSpectrum (@NatSpectrum) — 1 minute, 4 seconds before the deadline
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Demake ratio#382.4542.833

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Really cool idea! The atmosphere was faithful to the original game (except for the content of the letters haha) and according to my boyfriend the graphics of the PSX are very well imitated. I like how you made the letters hover in the air, it made them visible from far away and gave purpose to the game.


This ocean is wonderful *_*.  In case if you have some kind of desire I would be very glad to see a dev-post about the creation process.  

Gameplay is pretty basic like in the original game (which is good). The mood is represented perfectly. Sad that the game doesn't have a sound, but in total, the entry leaves positive feelings. I liked it!

PS. I also used dsoft20's shaders for Unity3D to represent a PSX style in my entry.  I was glad to meet someone else who works in this direction.
Good luck with future development and voting!


Thank you! I was thinking of maybe writing a post-mortem once the jam is over, going over the things I learned from doing this.

I've seen your entry! I've not played Alan Wake myself, but I have seen bits and pieces of it, and I love the idea of a PSX style demake of it. It's so cool to see other people wanting to make PSX style games, I feel like that era is really underappreciated. I highly recommend trying out Sanguine Sanctum if you haven't already, it was a big inspiration for me when deciding to tackle this.


Thanks for the advice! I'll put it into my To-Play list along with OK/NORMAL


The way the textures move when you walk is dizzying.


I think that might be the "affine texture mapping". The original Playstation used affine texture mapping, which is known for causing distortion when the polygon is viewed at certain angles. The retro shaders by dsoft20 (which I used in this project) feature affine texture mapping to try and accurately recreate the look of old PS1 games.

Looking at dsoft20's github page again, there's a note towards the bottom warning that the effect is most noticeable on quads, and suggests adding triangles to the mesh to "avoid excessive distortion". I'll definitely have to keep that in mind in future when I attempt this kind of project again. ^^"