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Thank you  ^ __ ^ 

We really appreciate it!

Hi, I'll ask our sound guy if he uploaded it somewhere.

Interesting idea, awesome art!
Perhaps, it needs a bit changes to the hardness curve. For example, allow 5 - 10 death to make it a bit more entertaining.
Nevertheless, it's just thoughts. Wonderful entry!

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Please note!

Core gameplay mechanics and level design are still under development.

Honestly, we spent almost all the time on Game Design Document to deconstruct the genres and describe our goals.
Feel free to check it here

The main story will be developed along with new commits to the repository.
Please, stay tuned.

Hey, Tnx! ^ __ ^

The level design and core gameplay is a bit different from our GDD. That's why it may be clumsy in some places.

I keep working to resolve these differences.

Thank you for the feedback ; )

Latest build is available here

Wonderful entry! I definitely should try it in coop.

Damn, it's a quite good demake, Claude!

*CLAP**CLAP* , I guess

Nice entry!  ( :

It's quite hard to navigate with the mouse in such a small window in a web version, but this entry definitely deserves attention.

Nice game!

I am a fan of the original game and this one reminded me about lots of nice hours that I had been spending there :D  

Demake is very polished but quite hard. Also, very interesting chose of the game engine. I guess for me it's a first time when I see someone uses Construct 2 in that kinds of GameJams. Nice job!

The game is very hard and challenging! But for me, it's more advantage than vice versa.

Map generation was done well, along with replication of the core mechanics from the original.

Nice entry!

Graphics, VFX, music, SFXs, style are done very gorgeously! The gameplay is a little bit boring (as for me), but the whole atmosphere beats this disadvantage
Good job!

Great entry for the jam!  PSX stylization is awesome. I also see that you made a huge amount of work from level design to death animation.

Speaking about gameplay - the first 2 hooks are pretty hard, but the rest of the level is smooth. I needed lots of attempts to beat it, but it was worth it.

Good luck with voting!

Thanks for the advice! I'll put it into my To-Play list along with OK/NORMAL

A pretty nice demake, as for me. Sounds effects fit very well. Gameplay is easy to pick. The tutorial is very very helpful.

But, these monsters are really tough guys. If you run out of stamina - you dead : D

This ocean is wonderful *_*.  In case if you have some kind of desire I would be very glad to see a dev-post about the creation process.  

Gameplay is pretty basic like in the original game (which is good). The mood is represented perfectly. Sad that the game doesn't have a sound, but in total, the entry leaves positive feelings. I liked it!

PS. I also used dsoft20's shaders for Unity3D to represent a PSX style in my entry.  I was glad to meet someone else who works in this direction.
Good luck with future development and voting!

Platformer is nicely done. There are some minor bugs where the player can get stuck near the boxes / or fall outside the level, but these things don't break the whole picture.

I liked the variations of mechanics that are presented in this entry. Also, the sounds and graphics are quite pretty.

Great job, and good luck with voting!

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A very interesting choice for demake. I had checked a gameplay video from the original game and honestly, was a little bit scared of its complexity and walkthrough variations. It looked like a random point & click adventure.

The jam entry itself is done very well!  Especially video and sound effects that nicely represent the craziness of the game : )