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I am a professional programmer, I am here to help

A topic by ArcadesSaboth created Aug 17, 2021 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone, I am a Senior Gameplay Programmer currently working at TT Games Studios, and, as the subject might implies, I want to help the participants of this jam. A while ago my friend @SuperIzzo about this jam and I think it’s a fantastic idea! Image what people can do in 10 years of development! But I know how hard it is to commit for such a long time (I still have huge problems organising short RPG sessions, imagine a 10 years long campaign) so I would like to help.

I don’t have the time to join with my own project and I don’t plan to join any team however I can give you advice and assistance, learning materials and I am available to teach (I did a bit of teaching in the past).

I am a programmer so that will be my main focus but I can help you with other aspects like how to organise a team, what tools to use, guide on the various stage of a game development, etc.

So, if you need any help please reply this post or add me in Discord: Arcades#0689 (I don’t recall if Discord allows you add a message in the friend request, if it does please state it’s for this Jam or I might decline the request by mistake).

Protip #1: Coffee is your best friend, tea is your best advisor.

what coding language do help with?

Mainly C++, but I know also other languages and I can adapt. I worked with several game engines: Unity, UE4, Torque3d, Ogre3d, Shiva3d, you name it.