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Good Job Everyone!!!

A topic by 5targuy created Oct 28, 2017 Views: 275 Replies: 8
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Hey everyone! As the final few hours of the jam are coming to a close, I just wanted to congratulate everyone on their entries! Look forward to seeing some feedback on all of your games from me, as I will be playing all of them after the jam closes. I won't be turning my project in until later today or tomorrow morning (I still have a few bugs to work out). I'm really happy about the way this jam turned out and I'm thankful for all of you guys who decided to participate. I hope you all learned a lot about game development and time management! Thanks again everyone! And happy Halloween!!


Thanks to you for organizing this awesome jam!!

Unfortunately I couldn't finish my entry but I had a lot of fun and I congratulate all the participants (there are many)!!

Happy Creepy Halloween! ;-)

Host (1 edit) (+1)

That's ok! I'm having technical difficulties with mine so I won't be able to submit mine on time either...


I apologize for not finishing my entry. I hope to release it in a few days so you can play it.

Thank you all very much!

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That's ok! For some reason mine is having technical difficulties so I won't be able to upload mine for a few more days either... 


Hey there, we got confused about the deadline and missed the submissions by a few hours. Could you manually add our game to the jam please? Thank you so much for hosting this - it was great fun!


Thanks for organizing this jam! I had a lot of fun, even if I ended up panicking and breaking down my project to the bare bones in order to make the deadline. XD


Same here - our project is extremely bare bones. But hey, at least you made the deadline! :D


Can we vote for the games submissions?