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sended request :D

hey :) do you have discord account?

Hey Adam! I tried the demo and it is a very solid work! Congratulations!

great game!

Awesome music Holland! :)

Es la primera vez que juego una novela visual, fue una muy interesante experiencia. EL arte es EXCELENTE, los personajes son increíblemente expresivos. El diseño en general es muy sólido, me encantó la GUI sobre todo.
Gracias :)

awesome stuff :) It's a shame I'm late!

I wish you much success with your future projects!

Np dude :) have a nice day!

It doesnt work for me :( aniway i am using wine !!

Just wow!! Incredible ambience, although it doesn't have ambient sounds, the art and animations are very well achieved. The austerity of the screen elements makes the concept perfect. Becoming oppressive without neglecting beauty I notice some influence from silent hill and the cat lady, right?
Thank you very much. Excellent work:)

I apologize for not finishing my entry. I hope to release it in a few days so you can play it.

Thank you all very much!

thank you! :D

Hello community! I need someone with windows (and maybe MINGW) capable of compile darkplaces engine for windows. I'm using a small modification of darkplaces engine with linux, I have no way to compile my game for windows :(

Thank you in advance!

Rumpelcita, excelente juego. Su poder para lograr empatía es realmente mucho más fuerte por su texto que por la inmersión del juego en sí. Creo que este tipo de historias -tan necesarias- no están siendo lo suficientemente contadas, o no lo están en otro contexto de jugabilidad -más allá del twine- que explote el potencial del arte.
En mi opinión -el texto- tiene todo el poder de síntesis que sólo es posible de la mano literaria.
Gracias, gracias :)

ey, es muy triste, posta me dejó bajoneado
me encantó el arte tileable del fondo

Hi! Really nice experience!! :)
Mi inglés es muy malo, perdón, muy interesante el concepto de "Mono no aware", me recuerda (en ciertos términos) al spleen de Baudelaire, pero más complejo y más "meditativo" (no tan sólo melancólico).

@Vladar @miriti
hey guys, thanks for the reports!! sorry, I need to check the dependencies, this game was release just a few seconds before de deadline, i forgot important stuff!!
@WebFreak :) thanks! I guess the lack of lib32-libxpm is the cause of the issues!! added to installation txt. I will fix the bug :D
@everard999 I guess I can compile a win.exe version, but i am not sure how can i do it :(
maybe i will load a version of the game using a different engine

working on ranking system and fixing some glitches ;)
Was very hard to us finish this game in ONE DAY!!

Yeah, we started the work sunday 19 :)

Hello community!

This was the first jam I've ever participated in, and I'm very happy to have reached the 4th place. I heard about the jam the Sunday afternoon and although I had little more than one day I took it as a challenge :)
The truth is that I have not had time to test other games, even yesterday I was preparing the v 1.1 of my game "The Mansion" with some improvements :)

Thanks to everyone