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Anybody looking for a Writer?

A topic by Emmy G. created Sep 14, 2017 Views: 439 Replies: 12
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Hey everyone, I know it's a little while before the Jam actually starts but I just wanted to put myself out there. I've recently graduated with a degree in creative writing and i've been writing  since i was 13 (now 23).

Let me know if anyone is interested,


Emmy G. 

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Hi Emmy, I am a dev and this is my first time jamming, i would like to collaborate with people and learn new stuff, let me know if your offer still exists and you'd like to work with me.

That sounds great! This is my first jam too so i'd like to learn stuff too.

Sure, sorry for the late reply, so how shall i contact you ? i'll give you my twitter ID which is  @grenadedropper, kindly contact me, we will kick start the conversation :)

Hi there! I'm kane, and I'm an artist. This will be my first game jam too, and because my friends are (mostly) busy, I wanted to try looking for a different team to work with!

Just a question though, what kind of game do you think we could do? I think my art  style is most suitable for a visual novel, but I can do pixel art too for RPG games.

Hi Kane! i'm looking for an artist to collaborate with too, so feel free contact me through my twitter account @grenadedropper or any other means you are comfortable with :)


Hi guys! I do spooky and sad music and it looks like this team needs audio? Also fairly experienced with Unity. Lemme know if you're interested.

Your stuff sounds pretty good. We have a discord going so is there somewhere we can send you the link. 

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My twitter is @HankTwats but I don't use it much. I'm on discord a lot so once I have that we'll be all set.

Hey everyone, sorry i'm a bit late at replying to all of this. My twitter is @embot8294

Not sure if you guys are looking for a programmer but if you do hit me up!.

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Hey Mikael, unfortunately we already have a programmer right now and for the size of the project we're working on we only need one. I'm sorry but we'll keep you in mind for future projects. Good luck!

Sounds good!, cheers!