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I'm kane, 20 years old, looking to gain experience in R18 VNs.

I actually have a bit of a storyline drafts, I've got multiple ideas, but thorough writing is not my thing. I can only do basic programming on Ren'Py and UI is not my forte, but I'm willing to learn.

contact me thru discord! kane#7524

Hello! I'm interested. I will send a DM!

Thank you! 

I'm most active on Facebook!

Thank you! I used Paint Tool SAI for both sketches and the finished arts. I'm planning to use them as talk sprites, but I might have to have another artist redo it for art style consistency.

Thank you!

Oh! Oh No! is a VN game me and my friends are working on (ever so slowly)

I thought I'd share some of the sketches I made of the characters!

Character designs

Hi there! I'm kane, and I'm an artist. This will be my first game jam too, and because my friends are (mostly) busy, I wanted to try looking for a different team to work with!

Just a question though, what kind of game do you think we could do? I think my art  style is most suitable for a visual novel, but I can do pixel art too for RPG games.