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Changed Some of the rules

A topic by 5targuy created Sep 14, 2017 Views: 334 Replies: 9
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Hey everyone! I realized I wasn't clear enough in the rules and expectations section about a few things. You can read it for yourself, but I stated that it doesn't matter what platform you make your game for; however, I only have a windows computer so if you can make a windows file available that would be awesome! Also I added that you can make the game in any game engine you like. 

Thanks you for joining!


Thanks for clarifying!

Hey there! What kind of concepting/coding are we allowed to do before the jam? It'll be hard to plan without knowing the theme, but if we know our genre can we start compiling a very base blank game? Or start working on art?

I've been really good about forcing myself not to think of this jam as much as I could lol


Hi Iambofdawn! Thanks for joining the DarkTober game jam!

Ok, so I would prefer if you wait until the game jam officially starts to start coding and making your final project; however, I don't mind if you start to code a prototype, create some concept art, or start writing a story. The genre doesn't matter, as long as the game looks appropriate for Halloween. It could be a top down shooter, adventure & action, puzzle. Whatever you see fit. My advice to you would be, before the theme is released (which will be one week before the jam starts) soak up as much inspiration as you can. Watch some Halloween movies, play some dark themed games. Pinterest and Tumblr are my favorite website/apps to get inspiration and references for my art. Then when the theme is released start to focus on creating a story and creating characters and such. The purpose of this game jam is to make a game with a  good story rather than a game with super cool and complex mechanics. If you have anymore questions or if you're still confused, I'm more than happy to help you! :D

Thanks again for joining, and I wish you good luck!!!


Hi there! I read through the rules and couldn't find what I was looking for there, so I wanted to ask to make sure: Is it okay to form teams for this jam, or would you prefer if people make the games solo?


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Ha! I did forget to mention that... I don't mind if you make teams or go solo : ) (Thanks for asking, I changed the jam page to state what I told you)

Thanks very much for the clarification! Looking forward to this jam!

Hey! We both entered the short n sweet jam together! I was on the lookout for a month long Halloween Jam and I'm happy to see that you are making one! However, I have a few ideas in my head of what I want to do. Will the theme be necessary to follow and will it be specific or broad? Do you plan on making a discord or twitter for the jam? It's nice seeing you again! -Gillian Sneve


Yoooo! Nice to see you again! So the theme is going to be about the story. I guess it would've been better to call it a "writing promt" than a theme. But yeah, I want every entry to have a story that is based around the theme, but it'll be broad and open for interpretation. I don't have a discord, because this is my first time hosting a game jam so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. There's a Twitter for it though (the link is on the page).


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Whoops, sorry I didn't catch he twitter but thanks for responding! I'd be willing to manage a discord server if you wanted one but don't want to upkeep it