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Fitzroy Dives DeepView game page

Fitzroy's latest adventure, a platform game played on land and underwater.
Submitted by awergh — 8 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Music & Sound Effects#3n/an/a
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Public Vote#222.8303.100

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I have updated the game to version 1.1 with a number of bug fixes as well as making the game slightly easier. I have kept v1.0 available because I don't see much reason not to but v1.1 is the version to play.

Change Log for v1.1 (Build 525)

- Fixed memory corruption crash from stopping Arkos sound outside an interrupt.
- Make sure you cannot go above top of screen.
- Combined shoot and use to a single control.
- Moved spike near top left entrance of middle right room to make room transition easier on second level.
- Expanded the right most wall in the centre middle room to make room boundary clearer on second level.
- Removed spike near bottom right room entrance on the intro level to make room change easier.
- Made centre middle exit more obvious on the intro level to make room change easier.
- Entrance to bottom mid room is now normal water on valves level to prevent instant death.
- Fixed clipping through solid blocks underwater.
- Added additional health to the game to make it slightly easier to play.
- Fixed water boosting just off block bug.
- Improved boost pixel off bug fix when water at top of screen.
- Fixed bug where a tile can be drawn seemingly randomly on screen due to a futureYTile value of 255 (-1).
- Fixed bug where a valve could be used multiple times to cheat valve objective action count.

I am loving to play this game. The aquatic parts remind me of The New Zealand Story. The music is great. There are some bugs to correct but it is quite challenging (sometimes you get trapped in the narrow underwater paths). I love the graphic style and the exploration, looking for keys... all the elements of the classic platformers of the 80s. I reached the third level... How many levels does it have?



Thanks I appreciate it (I did mean to respond to your other post but I didn't get around to it). Yeah I can see the resemblance to New Zealand Story, its not a game I know well but it is clearly one I should look into more. Perhaps a case of parallel inspiration. Feel free to let me know about any bugs as I am working on some updates. Currently the game has 9 levels some of which are quite challenging. 

My plan is to release v1.1 to fix a few bugs (in the next day or two) and make it slightly easier (added some health and fixed a movement bug). 

Following that will be v1.2 which hopefully will have an extra level (I planned for 10 but ran out of time in the end), respond to some suggestions (eg enemies don't turn around) and find a way to make the game a bit easier (probably with an extra difficulty level to keep the game challenging for people who like it hard).

You are welcome! I wrote a second, similar, message because I thought the first one has not been published. Willing to play the upcoming updates

Your best game for sure. Varied and intuitive gameplay, really interesting use of water. Maybe a bit too difficult. In my top three best games of this year.


Thanks Arnaud glad you like it, Yes it was suggested it might be a little bit too difficulty.

I think adding some extra health or some slightly easier difficulty modes but help.

This is what v1.1 is for or maybe v1.2 depending on the bug fixes that I need to do.

es adictivo, engancha. tiene algunos bugs y dceteccion de choque a veces nova fino.


Great game.

I specially like the posibility of exploring under water, and how the movement of player changes in and out.

Nice colors.

I miss some animations (player walking, swimmming, snails turn), and maybe the up key would be usable for both jumpnig in the outside, and swimming up in the water.

No doubt it's a very nice and enjoyable game.



Thanks, animations are definitely something I should be looking into for future.

Hopefully each year there should be something I can do better on or improve.


Having update the game a few times in v1.3 there is now some animations for player walking, jumping and enemies turning around.

Love the peaceful music in game. The diving effects are really good.


Thanks, I'll be sure to tell the composer of the music.

Thanks for the video, it is always interesting to see other people play your own games (especially after playing it so much myself). I hope you figured out where to go next.


Remind me the Bruce Lee game somewhat, really nice platform game!


Thanks, I haven't played Bruce Lee although I think I've seen videos of it (not sure what platform).

The games that originally inspired me were Caves of Doom and Scubaventure, possibly slightly obscure choices but it worked for me :).