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A member registered Oct 25, 2021

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I think it´s time to gift your game.

One of my favourites of this contest. Congrats !

Nice update !

Nicw break out clone game !

Nice uodate !

Awesome game !

Nice short game !

Nice game !

When amstrad cpc and the other 8 bits computers my dear Haplo ?

Excellent ! Count with my support to let your work know in the social network pages. Cheers !

Great !

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The game still lacks of sounds but the graphics and playable is really great. if you want notice me to support in publishing your update

Nice game ! In your honor, a full gameplay.

Nice game !

At least a demo file please !

When the final release ?

Is there a demo file game ?

Any new game is coming Mananuk ? We hope so.

Nice game !

Nice game !

The game doesn´t load.

Good game !

Interesting game.

Waooww ! Nice game.

Awesome game !

Again bas!! why not coding in nex ?

Do games in nex extension please. Bas almost no one can play that.

Advice : You should share a demo file for letting more your game to gamers that could be increase your profits.

Why not doing a good version for Atari 8 bits ? You can !

Awesome version ! Congrats.

Nice game !

Interesting puzzle game ! Long game play video.

An awesome game ! Congrats.

Nice prototype game !

Is there any exclusive emulator  for atari Lynx to play your awesome game ?

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With oricutron emulator. The game doesn´t run.

Awesome port game !

Without a doubt one of your best games. Congrats !

Awesome game !

Cool game !