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Hard as nails game but pretty challenging. Good !

I ´m looking forward for this game.

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Dear Cyrille receive my sincere congrats. This version is the best one of this game. Cheers !

Awesome port for Amstrad CPC ! Love you guys !

Great game !

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If this game was really fun last year. Now, it´s a master piece. Thanks and congrats to Cyrille and friends for their game.

Thanks for the update Pat Morita Team !

Thanks for the update !

dsk file ?

DSK file doesn´t work. Please upload the correct file.

Good work !

Great ! Dedicate to you a full game play.

Great game Carla !

Great !

No soun yet ? Anyway looks pretty good.

Disk file doesn´t run.

Well done !

Applause to this game !

This game is already a new classic. Great !

Truly, I got so impressed with your work Edu, you and your great team made ( for me and many others ) a new classic game for Amstrad CPC. A video in your honor. Cheers !

Is there a demo file to upload a video ? if you wish i can publish it too.

The shooting of this game is very interesting. Congratulations. Love the aguacate spaceship.

The shooting is very interesting. Good game.

With audio the game will be better. A game play for your effort. Thanks.

With audio the game will be better. A video for your effort. Thanks.

This game is a lot of fun. Try the expert level by pressing E. Congrats guys !

Waoow better than ever ! Congrast to all Cabbage Corp team. We love your game guys !

A promise accomplished. Always we keep our promise. A video of your game update.

Love its difficult.

Very fun game !

disk file doesn´t run.

Disk fifle doesnt run.

Nice game !

Nice avoidem / survival game for this CPCRetroDev 2022

Is there a demo for uploading a video of your great game ?

Awesome game ! Nowadays I still playing every month.

Nice game !

Simple and nice game. Cool !

Interesting game. Maybe, when you go up or down would be easier to geit because often the character stuck and can not do those directions mentioned. A video for your efforts.

Nice game !