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I am loving to play this game. The aquatic parts remind me of The New Zealand Story. The music is great. There are some bugs to correct but it is quite challenging (sometimes you get trapped in the narrow underwater paths). I love the graphic style and the exploration, looking for keys... all the elements of the classic platformers of the 80s. I reached the third level... How many levels does it have?



Thanks I appreciate it (I did mean to respond to your other post but I didn't get around to it). Yeah I can see the resemblance to New Zealand Story, its not a game I know well but it is clearly one I should look into more. Perhaps a case of parallel inspiration. Feel free to let me know about any bugs as I am working on some updates. Currently the game has 9 levels some of which are quite challenging. 

My plan is to release v1.1 to fix a few bugs (in the next day or two) and make it slightly easier (added some health and fixed a movement bug). 

Following that will be v1.2 which hopefully will have an extra level (I planned for 10 but ran out of time in the end), respond to some suggestions (eg enemies don't turn around) and find a way to make the game a bit easier (probably with an extra difficulty level to keep the game challenging for people who like it hard).

You are welcome! I wrote a second, similar, message because I thought the first one has not been published. Willing to play the upcoming updates