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Suggestions for a Theme Sticky

A topic by Squidishhead created Apr 24, 2018 Views: 66 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone!
I got an idea about how the theme will be created.
My idea is to random generate the theme from a list of words like,
Fast, funny, dark, hard, limited. Permadeth, adventure.
and for this to work i need a large list of words that make sense!
So if you want to contribute with a word just add it here and it will go in the list!
One more thing!
I dont want genres of games in the list because it will become to exclusive, so words like
PointAndClick, Puzzle,  Multiplayer, RPG, DungeonCrawler and similar will not be included!

The theme will be created and announced at the beginning of the jam!

required bumblebee petition introspective mythology tax bingo stuffed chef pants saxophone ham sprinting unintended allergy keyboard song sprinkler multitasking news

(Or am I to late? Can't seem to find the jam theme on the jam page)


I will add these to the theme!
The theme will be revealed at 12:00