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The theme is:
The absurd Quest for Singularity

We are really liberal with the theme! It is ok to just use on off the words!
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This is the first GameJam for the gaming festival Countryhack in Vårgårda Sweden! (Problems will ensue!!)

The GameJam will be held both on the internet and locally at Countryhack.

There will be a small price for the winner but only if the winner is at the local event!

The rules!

The games needs to be built around a theme that will be revealed just before the Jam starts!

# This is gamejam is for digital games only!
# The games must be created from scratch.
# Both solo and teams are allowed. but team sizes are limited to a maximum of 4.
# You may help others across teams. We are here to meet new people after all!
# We allow game-creation tools and engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine and Gamemaker or similar.
# "Code-assets" and libraries are OK! Things like Box2d, Bullet3d, Allegro, Pygame, LWJGL .
# You're not required to submit the source code along with your entry,  but it is encouraged.

# You are allowed to fix major bugs and spelling mistakes during the voting period
(its ok to come to Countryhack and work on your own project(s), just buy a ticket and tell the crew about it so we can plan for it! )

Not Allowed
# Board games or any "hardware games" such as pinball or similar!
# Games you have worked on previous to the jam.
# Pre-made art assets. Sprites, textures, sound effect, music, 3D-models and maps should all be created during the jam.
# Game-bases that are almost complete games already, such as most assets in the templates-category in the Unity store.
# You are not allowed to continue to develop/improve your game during the voting period! (Game breaking bugs are allowed to fix!)

Every submission needs to contain this
# If you are at the event or not!
# A list of the assets you use like game-library, game creation tool like Unity.
# A brief explanation of how you play the game including the controllers
Optional things to include
# A way to contact you, SteamID, Social media and/or email.
# Tell us if you plan to continue develop the game after the jam.
# Do you have another game in the making? Please fell free to share it here!

# Countryhack does not own any of the games submitted to the jam. So if you want to continue developing the game after the jam then its up to you (and your team of course!)
# We encourage you as a jammer to stream and share photos and or video of the event!
# If you stream of takes pictures please use the #Countryhack to support us! Thanks!

ASSETS explained

If you use assets (Like code-frameworks and similar) not created by yourself you need to list these when you submit your game!

"Code-assets" and libraries are OK! So things like

  • Box2d/Box3d
  • Allegro
  • Pygame
  • and similar.
    are OK to use!

We do not want you to use pre made assets such as

  • Sprite maps
  • Music-packs 
  • sound effects
  • 3d-models
  • premade maps

But things like game-bases that are almost complete games such as most assets in the templates-category in the unity store  are not allowed because just putting new graphics in a game is not the same as creating one from scratch!
Pulling code-snippets from these assets are ok (If the asset license allows it!) but you need to tell about it in the game submission!
Its also ok to use these assets for research for your game! We know from experience that watching pros creating games is one of the best ways to learn!

If you have any ideas or comments please contact us at Countryhack and tell us!

[AD from Countryhack!]

[Boy in a cool green on backwards cap]
 - But WWHHYYY? should I come to the event if its available online on the Cyb3r5pace??
["Cool uncle" type man in a teal cardigan]
 - Glad you asked Timmy-boy! When you buy a ticket for the GameJam at Countryhack, you will not only be part of the GameJam
     but you can also take part in all the other RAD stuff going on at the Festival! like
     The Countryhack Lounge where you can buy Sodipops and hang with your friends and watch E-sports, chat and play board games!
     The Nerf arena where you can borrow or bring your own nerf-guns and battle it out with your friends!
     The Retro-gaming corner where we have all the retro-consoles (And old PC:S) you can think of! (If all you can think of are the games available at Countryhack!)
      Send your own radio-show from the CH-FM webradio studio!
- But does that not cost all of my POG-money?
- You would think so, but NO! Exept for the candy and sodipops, everything at CH is free!
-Woooow! Sign me UP!
*High five freeze-frame and end credits!

Here are some photos of the festival!


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