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Submitted by Magmaw, VeryTori (@VeryTori), alphae — 3 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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  • Really nice concept and visuals, some more levels exploring the mechanic would take it to the next level --- 28/40

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Very interesting concept, and I like the wild west feel :D There is definitely a lot of potential with the needle and thread mechanic, and I hope to see how it is developed in the future :3


Hahaha, this is very charming!

I really like the concept and theme. The art is incredibly cute and consistent, as well as striking  good chord with the music and SFX. Overall, super cohesive and with a good mood.

One small suggestion that I have is to flip the character sprite when they turn left or right when moving. Right now they just face left the whole time and it's obviously not a huge deal, but it's a small change that could add a lot in the long run.

I also felt like the enemies attacked VERY quickly and sometimes jumped out of nowhere. Perhaps this was intentional, but considering that it took so long for me to retrieve my needle to attack, I wish that they either had more of a lead-up to the attack or that I had more cover to hide behind in preparation for my own.

I did really love the grapple hook mechanics of the needle. That was super clever and cute, very well done! I think that you can expand it even more and have the player use it to climb walls, solve puzzles, etc. So cool!


This game has a really good mood. The typography, music, and character design really sell the Wild West vibes. I think I got to the end of the level, but I can't be sure since there didn't seem to be a win condition. 

One problem I ran into was that I sometimes threw my needle up onto a ledge that I couldn't reach, so I was forced to return to the menu and restart. Also, I would like to see the thread mechanic used more, since it was mostly just a weapon. I like how you can throw it to propel yourself, though. Maybe the player could use it to climb up walls or something?


The mechanic in this game is really interesting-- I'd love to see it utilized in a lot of scenarios. I wasn't able to get super far in the game cause the enemies kept killing me, haha.  I think it would be easier to dodge or attack the enemies if they approached slower, or if there was some indicator on the screen showing which way they are coming from.  I did notice the vultures kind of dip down before swooping in for attack, so that was helpful.

That being said, I think your game has a great sense of style, and I'd love to see it developed further!


I felt an obligation to check this out just because of the name. That being said, the mechanic is super cool and the artwork is nice. Good stuff!