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Random short action game
Submitted by DaWiHs — 3 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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I liked the art style and the sound effects! I found I took more damage from my own projectiles than the enemies. I also though the movement was very smooth. Maybe only have the camera move to follow your cursor if you hold left click or any other button for example. Overall it was a fun game.


This game was really fun. I also discovered a secret seal, but couldn't figure out what to do with it... You can just jump over all of the enemies, and the boss fight is insanely hard. I tried it about 6 times before I gave up. Also it took me way longer than I want to admit that the green balls heal you!

Overall, great game, great consistent art style, and insanely hard boss fight.


Unfortunately you can't do anything with the seal (yet), and ye, enemies are ez and can be just jumped over, boss is hard too if you don't just cheese him under his head tho, but that's what I wanted to do; to not make it easy. Thanks a lot for your feedback ^^


I loved the graphics, it reminded me of a retro 64 bit game! I love that style. The game play is very interesting, i love the fact that you have to rely on rng for spells. I love the game!


The graphics for entities were made from one straight line, and dragon was self drawn, all in GIMP, my bro made the game background, seal and bunny tho. I'm delighted that you had fun playing this, thanks for the feedback! :D


The combat was very rewarding and it felt good to utilise the different abilities your weapon gave you. The camera movement made me feel a little sick though lol.


I tried to make it as smooth as I could, but somehow when crosshair does well player have some weird jittering (no clue why).
Thanks for gaming! ^^


Fun game, the RNG of the staff added to that, it was fun blowing up all of the enemies. It would be nice if there were checkpoints, because it was frustrating when I died and had to start from the beginning, but overall, it was really fun to play and the main menu looks very professional. Very nice.


I should add a checkpoint just before the boss for sure, that's why enemies aren't very important now too, cuz to get to boss you have to kill only one that blocks path upwards and the rest can be just avoided with jump. Thanks for the feedback, I'm delighted you had fun! :D


Good job! The mechanics are nice and smooth. The game is enjoyable to play, although I didn't really get the "unexpected" aspect of the game, but that might be just me.


Basically the Unexpected is just the element that the Staff will use. You can either damage, heal or morph enemies. It is a low chance to morph but still is. I wanted to add more, like water, time, clone ect effects but I sat way too much on this xD
Thanks for feedback :3


Ohw, that wasn't clear to me, sorry!