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Unfortunately you can't do anything with the seal (yet), and ye, enemies are ez and can be just jumped over, boss is hard too if you don't just cheese him under his head tho, but that's what I wanted to do; to not make it easy. Thanks a lot for your feedback ^^

The graphics for entities were made from one straight line, and dragon was self drawn, all in GIMP, my bro made the game background, seal and bunny tho. I'm delighted that you had fun playing this, thanks for the feedback! :D

I should add a checkpoint just before the boss for sure, that's why enemies aren't very important now too, cuz to get to boss you have to kill only one that blocks path upwards and the rest can be just avoided with jump. Thanks for the feedback, I'm delighted you had fun! :D

I tried to make it as smooth as I could, but somehow when crosshair does well player have some weird jittering (no clue why).
Thanks for gaming! ^^

That's a hell of a feedback, many thanks!

So for the numbers, enemies have 6HP by basic, Explosive deals 1 or 2, fire burns for 2 or 3, lightning deals 2, rock is supposed to deal 1 or 2 based on velocity, but it's a bit buggy, and green regens them for 2 or 3, and yes, you can overheal them.

Same with boss, 300HP but sadly I knew it's easy to cheese him, that's why I planned another move which disables platforms and pushes player back. The stones he's summoning can also damage him that's why there are none falling next to his head.
If you've beaten the game then you should know why 'Dinner' does this. 

I thought of adding healthbars but with overheal it would look... weird. But never thought of numbers, will surely try that out! (first I need to patch enemy movement tho)

Yes, that is a seal, and no, you can't (yet) talk to it.

But I'll probably work a bit on it. Again, thanks so much for the feedback!

Makes sense

Thumbnail is interesting, pixelart is nicely done too, funky music in place, but I can't really see the Unexpected theme :l The cat maybe? Also, on page it says to punch is S where it is X.

Unique and wise. Nice.

At first I was like "WHERE DOES HE HIDE THOSE LEGS", pretty hilarious, nice mechanic, can be developed further.

XD! I really felt like I'd get jumpscared any second but wtf xD Nice storytelling, could be made more intense as it's main thing here but great work anyways!

LMAO amazing! Alternative genre is just ideal for this. Loved Brackeys with the Ininity Gauntlet! Great work!

Well that's... weird I think. Nice voice acting tho!

It's a lie. Nothing happened with the play button after 10 sec :c
It's fun, creative and simple. Great assets work!

I did not expecc

Menu really killed me xD Storytelling is nice, tho I think it would be even better if the sentences appeared above the player. Also it's hard to look down, and the sprites are stretched, but I appreciate the idea! :D

Looks pretty colorful for a limbo. You can jump all the time if you hold space and thus ascend to heaven. GG Easy limbo escape xD Anyway, the game needs a lot work, but the pixel art is really cool :)

Yeet me into the mountains. Loading screen is amazing, and the post processing made me drop my sandwich at 4 am. Really really great work!

Nice idea, would be more enjoyable with actual objective, like run away from cops who shoots you with keys changing lazor. At some point using normal steering is more unexpected than changed one. I'd turn the sounds a bit down and add background music too. Anyway nice work!

Graphics and modelling are impressive! The details are amazing, would give 9/10 for graphics if there was category for that rating. I like the idea of ripped off janitor yeeting cars around. Music would be welcomed. Great work! :D

The concept of yeeting the fish out of the water is really new to me, but the concept is creative I've got to say. I liked the sounds and simple score mechanics, and Tom of course had to use water, great mechanics for it! 

Amazing work! The mechanics are really interesting. 1st level is just 10/10, but the music is missing :c Any beat would be good.

I pushed the ball down and ultimately got stuck at first seconds, lmao.
I really liked the voice integration. You sound like a maniac but it get the job done. Adding a sound to movement would make it a lot cooler, though I felt the beat. But were I supposed to finish 2nd level without going to the other side?
Great work, had no chance to see the maze reshuffle tho.

I very liked the sounds, they were so clean, and the pixel art is amazing too, tho I have no clue what to do here. I know I can destroy moons, and get some resource but no idea what to do with planets. Projectiles glitch when collided, but overall I liked it. Looks like a nice Space Exploration beggining :D

Certificated as 'Big brain' I can say I liked skeleton level design, and level 19th kind of scared me at first when I slided away from the exit xD
Nice gameplay, sweet sounds, minimalistic and simple yet enjoyable. Great work mate :D

Basically the Unexpected is just the element that the Staff will use. You can either damage, heal or morph enemies. It is a low chance to morph but still is. I wanted to add more, like water, time, clone ect effects but I sat way too much on this xD
Thanks for feedback :3