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Thank you sypDev for picking an awesome theme!!!

Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see eveyones interpretation of the theme!!! :D


Welcome to the first collaboration jam! This jam is a collaboration of several youtubers and their communities. This Jam is opened to and welcomes everyone!

The theme of the Jam will be released at 0:00 on July the 1st. Hours may differ to your local time. The theme of the jam is for inspiration, feel free to interpret it however you want.


Once the jam is over, there will be a rating period of 5 days. Your game will be rated on:

  • Enjoyment - How much did you enjoy playing the game.
  • Creativity - How unique are the game mechanics, art style, interpretation of the theme, etc.
  • Execution - How well does the game perform? Are there lots of bugs?


  • You must make the entire game within the time frame, Updates are allowed after the game has been submitted.
  • No harassment of any kind.
  • Keep your game clean, No offensive content, NSFW content, or lots of gore/violence.
  • You are free to use any assets.
  • Have fun and get creative.

Any games that do not follow these rules may be removed from the jam.


KrevzAvalonTakeLime, TheJYT, Dev JelleTheTechpreneurs, xzippyzachx, Rugbug RedfernMickey, sypDevTom Weiland

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Flip your way through the levels as fast as you can
super happy fun play times!
Climb to the goal and get the world record!
Find the treasure as fast as you can.
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An isometric puzzle game with an unexpected solution!
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You've just got fired, Now you'll show them who's boss!
Role Playing
Infinite space exploration with a twist
A quick game- i mean not game where you do nothing.
Strange things start to happen after the sun sets, especially in the streets of a dark city…
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Swim as far as possible before getting blown out of the water!
The game where luck is your only skill...
Uhhhh its a game about being uhhhh alone?
Random short action game
Born to Drive
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Walking Simulator
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It's super normal and there's nothing unexpected about it.
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