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Could I make two games?

A topic by WaldoStudios created Aug 18, 2019 Views: 146 Replies: 3
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Hi ya'll!  I'm an artist, and I'll be working with a team and providing the art for the game we'll be making.  However, there's a possibility that there'll be a period at which they have all of the art that they need, so I'll be off the hook.  If that were to happen, would I be allowed to make my own little game with the time I had left over?  I'd be using my own account for my game, and there'd be a separate account for the game made by the team.   Not counting on having that time, but I figured it'd be cool if I could lol.



It does not say in the rules that it is not allowed. So, I think you can.


Cool, thanks!

Well, you can only submit one game for the game jam per account. You could either create another one to submit the second game or ask an team member to do it.