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Say Hello Sticky

A topic by Tartle Games created May 26, 2017 Views: 223 Replies: 8
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Hello.  I'll be using Unity. Not sure on what I'm going to make yet but I've got a few ideas.


Howdy. I'll be using Stencyl and PHP. I plan to create a MUD. That takes care of cooperation. I suppose I could have kittens and be based on an island for two of the other themes :)


Hey hey. I'm going to be using Phaser. Probably going to be a short puzzle / adventure game using the Island, Descent and Flashlight themes. I may throw a hamburger in there if I get hungry.


Hi! I had no idea that this existed! VEry excited to have found a locally hosted jam.

Anywho- I'll be using GMS2, and I'm still debating between either a survival game (flashlight theme- flip flop the norms- daytime is the unsafe time/need the flashlight to move around at night) Or a simple Village/Colony manager set on an island. 

Of course this could change...and probably will. But I'm leaning more towards the survival game.


Sounds awesome, and hello! Nice to meet you. I am glad you found the jam. The people around bham that make games are few and not easy to find.


Apparently so! I'm in Pelham, not too far from Chelsea/280. Excited to do this! It's technically my first jam. I have two young kids, so squeezing a game out of 48/72 hours is just not possible. Lol. This one seems perfect!


we have monthly meetups on the UAB campus

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Sure why not? I actually thought of saying in the description it was a jam  for Birmingham US and UK.  Our group on facebook actually has a guy in it from the UK and we talked before of doing a cross-over jam.

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This is so awesome seeing people joining. And hello from across the pond, DGTILL :)

FYI, I am in Huntsville, but know David, Lorenzo, Latt and maybe a others through facebook.