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Thanks! There was so much more planned. The artist is feeling better and we hope to add in everything that we missed out on :)

I had an idea of making "painted D&D minis" for the MUD. My profile picture is an example of a Rat Mini that would appear.

I really like the zombie graphic. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Increase gravity. It feels a little floaty.

2. Maybe entering a door the down arrow key. You could later use enter, space or whatever else for another action or opening a menu.

3. Do not require pressing spacebar to go to the next scene. You could have the black screen set on a timer instead. Maybe 2 or 3 seconds to show the next room and then automatically go there.

You said you wanted a game about burgers and that's what you have :)

Sure thing, the current build is here: I have the login and chat server working well enough. Trying to get combat together.

BHam Jam community · Created a new topic StencylMUD

My game is called StencylMUD for now. The owner of Stencyl said that he is fine using his company name for the time being. I wrote a bunch of story over the past week. Now it is time to get into the programming. Currently, I am working on getting the login server running. After that, I'll get the chat server going. If anybody is interested, it might be fun to hang out and chat in the MUD.

*MUD = Multi User Dungeon. They were the first MMORPG's before Everquest, WoW and all of the big name ones.

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This is so awesome seeing people joining. And hello from across the pond, DGTILL :)

FYI, I am in Huntsville, but know David, Lorenzo, Latt and maybe a others through facebook.

Howdy. I'll be using Stencyl and PHP. I plan to create a MUD. That takes care of cooperation. I suppose I could have kittens and be based on an island for two of the other themes :)