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A topic by ceosol created Jun 03, 2017 Views: 161 Replies: 3
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My game is called StencylMUD for now. The owner of Stencyl said that he is fine using his company name for the time being. I wrote a bunch of story over the past week. Now it is time to get into the programming. Currently, I am working on getting the login server running. After that, I'll get the chat server going. If anybody is interested, it might be fun to hang out and chat in the MUD.

*MUD = Multi User Dungeon. They were the first MMORPG's before Everquest, WoW and all of the big name ones.


Cool! Looking forward to it. Let us know when you get something up and running.


Sure thing, the current build is here: I have the login and chat server working well enough. Trying to get combat together.


I had an idea of making "painted D&D minis" for the MUD. My profile picture is an example of a Rat Mini that would appear.