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A jam entry

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Submitted by Chaoclypse with 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline

Play murderous fuck-em-up

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feels good, sounds good. i played on a touchpad, i probably should have used a mouse.

i'd try this on mobile, i think it would play better there.

regarding difficulty curve, i think you could have some '1 hit kill' enemies early on. i noticed it take multiple hits to kill any enemies (or was i swinging too slowly?)


Pretty concise and to the point. I'm sure if you were to mess with the difficulty a bit and throw ads on the game over screen it'd do well on mobile platforms. The in browser version has a bunch of hitches and stutters, but I'm pretty sure that's unity's web player being a shit.


Pretty neat and very difficult. Maybe have a slower introduction, but it's not necessary if you want it to only be a hard game (since it's so short). I disagree with armo on the PC version not needing to hold down. Pausing by letting go was a fine feature even for PC. If you want to please both, you could have a toggle option somewhere.

You know about these two issues, but chronicled here in case you want a permanent log: Error on loading with Firefox; lag first time you drag on Chrome.

Great short game. Go publish it on the android store or something!


Difficulty seems too high for the first stretch of the game before any power ups. Becomes much easier once you get a couple of the power ups, the x2 and random skulls in particular

Depending on scope of this game, I'd suggest...:

(For PC) Instead of having to hold the mouse down, maybe add right click to snap select/de-select as desired.

Varied color. The minimalist color thing works well with red/black/white in general and the enemies were easy enough to distinguish based on size and shape alone, but I'd suggest color change/(tweening blues, greens, etc) to remove some of the monotony that comes with this style of game.

Overall I think its a pretty neat, tightly packed, juicy game with good polish.

Am curious to see what you can come up with using this level of quality on a bit larger scoped game in the future