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A jam submission

SKULL CHAINZView game page

Submitted by Chaoclypse — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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Play murderous fuck-em-up


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feels good, sounds good. i played on a touchpad, i probably should have used a mouse.

i'd try this on mobile, i think it would play better there.

regarding difficulty curve, i think you could have some '1 hit kill' enemies early on. i noticed it take multiple hits to kill any enemies (or was i swinging too slowly?)


Pretty concise and to the point. I'm sure if you were to mess with the difficulty a bit and throw ads on the game over screen it'd do well on mobile platforms. The in browser version has a bunch of hitches and stutters, but I'm pretty sure that's unity's web player being a shit.


Pretty neat and very difficult. Maybe have a slower introduction, but it's not necessary if you want it to only be a hard game (since it's so short). I disagree with armo on the PC version not needing to hold down. Pausing by letting go was a fine feature even for PC. If you want to please both, you could have a toggle option somewhere.

You know about these two issues, but chronicled here in case you want a permanent log: Error on loading with Firefox; lag first time you drag on Chrome.

Great short game. Go publish it on the android store or something!