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Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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This game already feels huge starting out. It's fun getting super overpowered so soon once I got the training socks and started one-shotting everyone with magic. The Stats screen is a bit overwhelming on first glance, maybe some icons would help instead of pure text. Some repeating sounds do get a bit grating too.


The game feels original, the wyvern thing it sells on is pretty rad. 

Biggest problem I've had is that you kinda hit 0 HP before you even realize you've been taking much damage, and the upgrades don't really feel rewarding when they're just +1% of this or that.

The text skip on the intro is a bit fast if you're just tapping through it to read it faster but it's a good feature and good practice. Maybe make the skip speed accelerate over a second or two as you hold it down.


Nice clean art style, and the combat is simple but I still ended up playing longer than intended cause its quite fun. has a nice comfy feel to it too.

Not sure what the end goal is, but didnt care, had fun going around slaying baddies.

Sorry I might have instantly skipped over the intro text. Its not really fair and normally if i launch up a new game id give it a chance set the story. But you know, 72 demos..

Fun the play and looks nice. Good luck with the game!


Fun on pretty much every level. Cathartic combat, meaty progression, a world you want to explore. Matching soundtrack. Just a very solid showing, excellent job.

I'll admit I just completely glazed over the intro text. You're an adventurer on a quest to stop a dragon. Got it, excellent, timeless.


Very fun demo! Glad to see constant updates/balancing, can't wait for the full game!

  • Looks and sounds great. Just needs some polish and maybe a more well chosen pallete.
  • Interface and menus need a lot of work, specially in the pixel depth department. Controls seem wacky too, with windows not closing or opening when they shouldn't.
  • Some skills seem not very fun to use considering how few of them you get per class. Some are outright useless, like the Mercenary's dash.
  • Performance is subpar, try to look into ways of optimizing it, specially in regards to particle effects.
  • Don't do long text crawls at the beginning, that never works.

This one's a winner. My only real gripes are that the writing seems rather amateurish and that the title scroll is a bit slow -- I know you can speed it up, but still. Other than that, this is incredible. Keep it up.


Yep, great game

Music is great, presentation is good, UI is pretty good (could make a few things clearer but can't think of anything off the top of my head besides how to change classes/get abilities), combat feels pretty good for what it is.

This is my most played out of the jam, by far. I really dig it